Top 10 Quotes on Republic Day {Updated}


Qu0tes 0n republic day. Qu0tes are s0mething that express the wh0le experience 0f a situati0n in just A Single Qu0tati0n.That’s what this nati0ns patri0ts did.India had great patri0ts and m0st 0f them where great writers and readers and th0se great pe0ple made s0me great republic day qu0tati0ns that exactly describe the situati0n that they were facing that time.S0 we have c0llected s0me great qu0tes f0r y0u guys fr0m 0ld and new s0urces t0 let y0u express what y0u have inside y0u.S0 here it g0es qu0tes f0r republic day.

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Qu0tes 0n Republic Day

Fr0m time immem0rial India has been the mine 0f preci0us ideas t0 human s0ciety; giving birth t0 high ideas herself, she has freely distributed them br0adcast 0ver the wh0le w0rld.

0ne sh0uld n0t interpret the w0rd “Rev0luti0n” in its literal sense. Vari0us meanings and significances are attributed t0 this w0rd, acc0rding t0 the interests 0f th0se wh0 use 0r misuse it.

Qu0tes 0n Republic Day 0f India in English 

If there is any land 0n this earth that can lay claim t0 be the blessed Punya Bhumi, t0 be the land t0 which all s0uls 0n this earth must c0me t0 acc0unt f0r Karma, the land t0 which every s0ul that is wending its way G0dward must c0me t0 attain its last h0me, the land where humanity has attained its highest t0wards gentleness, t0wards gener0sity, t0wards purity, t0wards calmness, ab0ve all, the land 0f intr0specti0n and 0f spirituality - it is India.

The pe0ple generally get accust0med t0 the established 0rder 0f things and begin t0 tremble at the very idea 0f a change. It is this lethargical spirit that needs be replaced by the rev0luti0nary spirit.

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Republic Day Qu0tati0ns

D0 y0u l0ve y0ur c0untry? Then c0me, let us struggle f0r higher and better things; l00k n0t back, n0, n0t even if y0u see the dearest and nearest cry. L00k n0t back, but f0rward!”

Any man wh0 stands f0r pr0gress has t0 criticize, disbelieve and challenge every item 0f the 0ld faith.

“The uplift 0f the w0men, the awakening 0f the masses must c0me first, and then 0nly can any real g00d c0me ab0ut f0r the c0untry, f0r

New Qu0tes f0r republic day [Updated]

“When the real hist0ry 0f India will be unearthed, it will be pr0ved that, as in matters 0f religi0n, s0 in fine arts, India is the primal Guru 0f the wh0le w0rld.”

N0n-vi0lence is backed by the the0ry 0f s0ul-f0rce in which suffering is c0urted in the h0pe 0f ultimately winning 0ver the 0pp0nent. But what happens when such an attempt fail t0 achieve the 0bject? It is here that s0ul-f0rce has t0 be c0mbined with physical f0rce s0 as n0t t0 remain at the mercy 0f tyrannical and ruthless enemy.

We Have A Vide0 F0r Qu0tes 0n Republic Day T00 S0 tell  us h0w we did 0n Qu0tes 0n republic day by c0mmenting d0wn bl0w. Als0 We will s00n make a new p0st (and will link It Here) 0n qu0tes 0n republic day in Hindi.We are c0llecting m0re new qu0tes f0r republic day t0 update this p0st with m0re qu0tes.Till then stay tuned.

Top 10 Quotes on Republic Day {Updated} 4.5 5 AkhteR Qu0tes 0n republic day. Qu0tes are s0mething that express the wh0le experience 0f a situati0n in just A Single Qu0tati0n.That’s what this ...