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  1. S0l!tude !s !ndependence.
  2. Where l!berty dwells, there !s my c0untry.
  3. W!th0ut freed0m (r!ght), n0 0ne really has a name.
  4. Freed0m !s n0th!ng but a chance t0 be better.
  5. We are Ind!ans, f!rstly and lastly.
  6. Get t0gether, be the strength 0f the nat!0n and help.
  7. It reaches greatest he!ghts! Best w!shes 0n th!s republ!c day.
  8. Patr!0t!sm !s the last refuge 0f the sc0undrel.
  9. Pr0ud t0 be an Ind!an. Happy Republ!c Day.
  10. 0ur c0untry !s the sweet tune. Let's sung t0gether.
  11. Th!s c0untry !s the reas0n f0r 0ur ex!stence, 0ur l!fe 0ur rec0gn!t!0n.
  12. L!ke th!s land, may y0u have !ndependence !n y0ur l!fe?
  13. 0ne flag, 1 land, 0ne heart, 1 hand. Happy Republ!c Day!
  14. Un!ted we stand, D!v!ded we fall. HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY.
  15. It's a f!ne l!ne between stand!ng beh!nd a pr!nc!ple and h!d!ng beh!nd 0ne.
  16. I l0ve my c0untry, n0t because !t !s great, but because !t !s my 0wn.
  17. 120 cr0res 0f pe0ple c0mb!nedly fall !n l0ve w!th 0ne, It !s INDIA, HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY
  18. 0ur predecess0rs have dev0ted the!r l!ves t0 get th!s c0untry, s0 th!s the day 0f breath!ng.
  19. May the sun !n h!s c0urse v!s!t n0 land m0re free, m0re happy, m0re l0vely, than th!s 0ur 0wn c0untry!
  20. 0ur c0untry w!ll rema!n the land 0f the free 0nly s0 l0ng as !t !s the h0me 0f the brave.
  21. It !s easy t0 take l!berty f0r granted when y0u have never had !t taken fr0m y0u.
  22. Patr!0t!sm !s y0ur c0nv!ct!0n that th!s c0untry !s super!0r t0 all 0ther c0untr!es because y0u were b0rn !n !t.
  23. Patr!0t!sm !s the w!ll!ngness t0 k!ll and be k!lled f0r tr!v!al reas0ns.
  24. We must learn t0 l!ve t0gether as br0thers 0r per!sh t0gether as f00ls.
  25. A patr!0t must always be ready t0 defend h!s c0untry aga!nst h!s g0vernment.
  26. A man's feet must be planted !n h!s c0untry, but h!s eyes sh0uld survey the w0rld.
  27. Let us remember the g0lden her!tage 0f 0ur c0untry and feel pr0ud t0 be a part 0f Ind!a.
  28. We l!ve !n a funny nat!0n, where P!zza reaches h0me faster than the ambulance 0r p0l!ce.
  29. Hum Laye Ha! T00fan Se Kasht! N!kal Ke Is Desh K0 Rakhna Mere Bachch0 Sambhal Ke Happy Republ!c Day.
  30. Be the change y0u w!sh t0 see !n the w0rld and feel pr0ud t0 be an Ind!an.

Best Republic Day Status

H0pe peace re!gns !n y0ur part 0f the w0rld t0day and everyday, Happy Republ!c Day.

The Tr!c0l0r g!ves the messages 0f Peace Human!ty & Pr0sper!ty Very Warm Greet!ngs 0n th!s Republ!c Day.

East and West, !nd!a !s the best, pr0ud t0 be an !nd!an. Happy Republ!c Day.

There !s n0 way t0 peace, peace !s the way. Happy Republ!c Day.

0ther m!ght have f0rg0tten, But never can !, The Flag 0f my c0untry. Furls very h!gh, Happy Republ!c day.

Be the cause 0f un!ty, F!ght aga!nst c0rrupt!0n, Fla!r the flag 0f 0ur nat!0n.. Happy Republ!c Day 2017.

H0n0r!ng w!th y0u the gl0ry and p0wer 0f 0ur free h0meland. Happy Republ!c Day.

We have ga!ned th!s land after many sacr!f!ces, s0 value y0ur land. Enj0y the day 0f !ndependence.

A nat!0n's strength ult!mately c0ns!sts !n what !t can d0 0n !ts 0wn, and n0t !n what !t can b0rr0w fr0m 0thers.

A man's c0untry !s n0t a certa!n area 0f land, 0f m0unta!ns, r!vers, and w00ds, but !t !s a pr!nc!ple, and patr!0t!sm !s l0yalty t0 that pr!nc!ple. Pr0ud 0f My C0untry.

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