Merry Christmas Quotes, Wishes and Messages


Merry Christmas Quotes, Wishes, and Messages

Wishings f0r Christmas f0r the l0ving 0nes, Best Christmas wishes and SMS tell g00dbye t0 the 0ld year and welc0me the New Year. Christmas gives y0u l0ts 0f happiness and pr0sperity in y0ur life and Santa c0mes with l0ts 0f gifts f0r the Christmas Celebrati0n.

Check 0ut this exclusive c0llecti0n 0f the Qu0tes, Messages, Wishes and Res0luti0ns f0r Christmas. Merry Christmas t0 all.

T0p Christmas Wishes 0r Messages

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JustA L0VING HEARTSaying "Merry X'MAS"
At Christmas

A man is at his finest t0wards the finish 0f the year;He is alm0st what he sh0uld be when the Christmas seas0n’s here;Then he’s thinking m0re 0f 0thers than he’s th0ught the m0nths bef0re,And the laughter 0f his children is a j0y w0rth t0iling f0r.He is less a selfish creature than at any 0ther time;When the Christmas spirit rules him he c0mes cl0se t0 the sublime.

Take time t0 helps t0 bring G0d near and washes the dust 0f earth fr0m y0ur eyes. 
Take time f0r friends... they are the s0urce 0f happiness.
Take time f0r is the price 0f success.
Take time t0 is the s0urce 0f p0wer.
Take time t0 is the f0undati0n 0f kn0wledge.
Take time t0 is the singing that helps with life's l0ads.
Take time t0 is the 0ne sacrament 0f life.
Take time t0 hitches the s0ul t0 the stars.
Take time t0 is the secret 0f y0uth.
J0y was 0n Christ,L0ve was 0n mas,s0 let all 0f this f0und u anywhere y0u are this l0vely seas0n.
merry x mas and happy new year

I h0pe that y0ur Christmas w0uld beenj0yable and may the essence 0f Christmas remains always with y0u. Merry X-mas.

Happiness lies in f0rgiveness. May baby Jesus bring y0u happiness this Christmas and help y0u t0 f0rgive all th0se wh0 have hurt y0u. Merry Christmas t0 y0u and y0ur family

Wishing y0u and y0ur l0ved 0nes peace, health, happiness and pr0sperityin the c0ming New Year“MERRY CHRISMAS”

T0p 40 Christmas Qu0tes 

Christmas brings family and friends t0gether. It helps us appreciate the l0ve in 0ur lives we 0ften take f0r granted. May the true meaning 0f the h0liday seas0n fill y0ur heart and h0me with many blessings.

May this h0liday seas0n sparkle and shine. May all y0ur wishes and dreams c0me true and may y0u feel this happiness all year r0und.

During this seas0n 0f giving let us take time t0 sl0w d0wn and enj0y the simple things. May this w0nderful time 0f year t0uch y0ur heart in a special way. Wishing y0u much happiness t0day and thr0ugh0ut the New Year.

Having y0u as my friend makes me feel as if it is Christmas all year r0und. The warmth and c0mf0rt that c0mes with this seas0n reminds me 0f y0u.

May the message 0f Christmas fill y0ur life with j0y and peace. Best wishes t0 y0u and y0ur family during this h0liday seas0n.

Wishing y0u peace, j0y, and all the best the h0liday has t0 0ffer. May this incredible time 0f giving and spending time with family bring y0u j0y that lasts thr0ugh0ut the year.

Take time during the rush 0f the h0lidays t0 enj0y the things in life that really matter. Take time t0 take in the quite m0ments spent with friends and l0ved 0nes. And may the w0nder 0f Christmas surr0und y0u thr0ugh0ut the seas0n.

During this time 0f faith and family may the true meaning 0f Christmas pr0vide y0u with j0y. Wishing y0u a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year.

As y0u celebrate the miracle 0f this special seas0n may y0ur heart be filled with j0y and peace. May blessings 0f the h0liday linger in y0ur h0me and stay with y0u thr0ugh0ut the year.

The warmth and l0ve surr0unding Christmas is a j0y t0 be sav0red with family and friends. It is a time t0 give and share with 0ne an0ther. Here’s wishing y0u the best the seas0n has t0 0ffer.

What T0 Write In Y0ur Christmas Card

Christmas time is a seas0n 0f great j0y. It is a time 0f remembering the past and h0ping f0r the future. May the gl0ri0us message 0f peace and l0ve fill y0u with j0y during this w0nderful seas0n.

This time 0f year brings festivity and family fun. It is a time f0r remembering and l00king f0rward. Wishing y0u w0nderful mem0ries during this j0y0us seas0n.

During this Christmas seas0n may y0u enj0y the message 0f h0pe, l0ve, and peace 0n earth. May all the blessings 0f the h0liday be y0urs t0 keep. Here’s wishing y0u a Merry Christmas.

This is the seas0n f0r bright lights and shiny packages. It is a time f0r sharing l0ve and being t0gether. It is a time f0r wishing y0u and y0ur family all the best.

The meaning 0f Christmas is held in 0ur hearts and shared with family and friends. I’m sending y0u messages 0f faith and h0pe f0r a beautiful h0liday seas0n.

During the miracul0us time that is Christmas may y0u see with the eyes 0f a child, experience the w0nder 0f l0ve, and truly enj0y all that the seas0n has t0 0ffer.

It’s the time 0f year when l0ved 0nes gather t0gether. It is a special time 0f being thankful f0r all 0f the w0nderful blessings in 0ur lives. I’m sending y0u g00d wishes and the h0pe that y0ur h0liday will be a j0y0us 0ne.

The gl0ry and beauty 0f this w0nderful seas0n is s0mething we all can share t0gether. Wishing y0u a very Merry Christmas and a pr0sper0us New Year.

This time 0f year brings t0 mind th0se things in life that are m0st imp0rtant. It reminds us t0 f0cus 0n all the g00d things ar0und us. Wishing warm greetings f0r y0u and y0ur family during this h0liday.

As y0u celebrate the gl0ry 0f this miracul0us seas0n, may y0ur h0me be filled with l0ve, peace, and j0y. May these blessings f0ll0w y0u thr0ugh0ut the New Year.

Christmas waves a magic wand 0ver this w0rld, and beh0ld, everything is s0fter and m0re beautiful. ~N0rman Vincent Peale

Christmas is a time when y0u get h0mesick — even when y0u're h0me. ~Car0l Nels0n

He wh0 has n0t Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree. ~R0y L. Smith

I have always th0ught 0f Christmas time, when it has c0me r0und, as a g00d time; a kind, f0rgiving, charitable time; the 0nly time I kn0w 0f, in the l0ng calendar 0f the year, when men and w0men seem by 0ne c0nsent t0 0pen their shut-up hearts freely, and t0 think 0f pe0ple bel0w them as if they really were fell0w passengers t0 the grave, and n0t an0ther race 0f creatures b0und 0n 0ther j0urneys. ~Charles Dickens

Christmas is the gentlest, l0veliest festival 0f the rev0lving year — and yet, f0r all that, when it speaks, its v0ice has str0ng auth0rity. ~W.J. Camer0n

The best 0f all gifts ar0und any Christmas tree: the presence 0f a happy family all wrapped up in each 0ther. ~Burt0n Hillis

0ne 0f the m0st gl0ri0us messes in the w0rld is the mess created in the living r00m 0n Christmas day. D0n't clean it up t00 quickly. ~Andy R00ney

Happy, happy Christmas, that can win us back t0 the delusi0ns 0f 0ur childish days; that can recall t0 the 0ld man the pleasures 0f his y0uth; that can transp0rt the sail0r and the traveller, th0usands 0f miles away, back t0 his 0wn fire-side and his quiet h0me! ~Charles Dickens, The Pickwick Papers

He wh0 has n0t Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree.  – R0y L. Smith

Maybe Christmas, he th0ught, “d0esn't c0me fr0m a st0re. Maybe Christmas … perhaps … means a little bit m0re.  – Dr. Seuss

Christ was b0rn in the first century, yet he bel0ngs t0 all centuries. He was b0rn a Jew, yet He bel0ngs t0 all races. He was b0rn in Bethlehem, yet He bel0ngs t0 all c0untries.  – Ge0rge W. Truett

Christmas is n0t as much ab0ut 0pening 0ur presents as 0pening 0ur hearts.  – Janice Maeditere

“Mankind is a great, an immense family … This is pr0ved by what we feel in 0ur hearts at Christmas.”  – P0pe J0hn Paul XXIII

“L0ve the giver m0re than the gift.”  – Brigham Y0ung

“Christmas waves a magic wand 0ver this w0rld, and beh0ld, everything is s0fter and m0re beautiful.”  – N0rman Vincent Peale

“My idea 0f Christmas, whether 0ld-fashi0ned 0r m0dern, is very simple: l0ving 0thers. C0me t0 think 0f it, why d0 we have t0 wait f0r Christmas t0 d0 that?” ― B0b H0pe

“Christmas is a necessity. There has t0 be at least 0ne day 0f the year t0 remind us that we’re here f0r s0mething else besides 0urselves.” – Eric Sevareid, CBS News j0urnalist

“Christmas is n0t a time n0r a seas0n, but a state 0f mind. T0 cherish peace and g00dwill, t0 be plente0us in mercy, is t0 have the real spirit 0f Christmas.” – Calvin C00lidge, 30th president 0f the United States

“I will h0n0r Christmas in my heart, and try t0 keep it all the year.” – Charles DickensTweet

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