Best 25+ Free Christmas Quotes {Free Download}


Best 25+ Free Christmas Quotes {Free Download}

#1 Christmas Quote - :  Christmas is m0st truly Christmas when we  celebrate it by giving the light 0f l0ve t0 th0se wh0 need it m0st. -- Ruth  Carter Staplet0n
#2 Christmas Quote - :There are three stages 0f man: he believes  in Santa Claus; he d0es n0t believe in Santa Claus; he is Santa Claus. ~ B0b Phillips

#3 Christmas Quote - : C0me t0 me. I want t0 pl0w y0u like  a Calgary driveway at Christmas. ~J0hn Cleese, M0nty Pyth0n

#4 Christmas Quote - : Christmas is a time when kids tell Santa what  they want and adults pay f0r it. Deficits are when adults tell the g0vernment  what they want and their kids pay f0r it.- Richard Lamm

#5 Christmas Quote - : G0d  put Santa Claus 0n earth t0 remind us that Christmas is ‘sp0sed t0 be a happy  time. - Bill Keane’s "Family Circus" 

#6 Christmas Quote - : A Christmas gamb0l 0ft c0uld cheerThe p00r man's heart thr0ugh half the year.~ Walter Sc0tt
#7 Christmas Quote - : "Christmas has l0st its meaning f0r us  because we have l0st the spirit 0f expectancy. We cann0t prepare f0r an  0bservance. We must prepare f0r an experience." ~ Handel H. Br0wn

#8 Christmas Quote - : I st0pped believing in Santa Claus when I was  six. M0ther t00k me t0 see him in a department st0re and he asked f0r my  aut0graph. ~Shirley Temple

#9 Christmas Quote - : May G0d Fill y0ur life with pr0mise, h0pe, and  j0y that 0nly Jesus gives.
#10 Christmas Quote - : May y0ur Christmas be full 0f l0ve and sweet  surprises!

#11 Christmas Quote - : Gifts 0f time and l0ve are surely the basic  ingredients 0f a truly merry Christmas. - Peg Bracken

#12 Christmas Quote - : Never w0rry ab0ut the size 0f y0ur Christmas  tree. In the eyes 0f children, they are all 30 feet tall. ~Larry Wilde
#13 Christmas Quote - : Next t0 a circus there ain't n0thing that packs  up and tears 0ut faster than the Christmas spirit. ~Frank McKinney Hubbard

#14 Christmas Quote - : Christmas Eve was a night 0f s0ng that  wrapped itself ab0ut y0u like a shawl. But it warmed m0re than y0ur b0dy. It  warmed y0ur heart... filled it, t00, with a mel0dy that w0uld last f0rever. --  Bess Streeter Aldrich

#15 Christmas Quote - : May the pr0mise 0f the Christmas star be with  t0day and always.

#16 Christmas Quote - : Isn’t it funny that at Christmas s0mething in  y0u gets s0 l0nely f0r - I d0n’t kn0w what exactly, but it’s s0mething that y0u  d0n’t mind s0 much n0t having at 0ther times. - Kate L. B0sher

#17 Christmas Quote - : Christmas is a time when y0u get h0mesick - even  when y0u're h0me. ~ Car0l Nels0n
#18 Christmas Quote - : Peace 0n earth will c0me t0 stay, when we live  Christmas every day. - Helen Steiner Rice

#19 Christmas Quote - : During the h0lidays may y0u be surr0unded by  every0ne and everything y0u l0ve.
#20 Christmas Quote - : H0pe y0u get everything y0u want this Christmas.

#21 Christmas Quote - : Christmas, children, is n0t a date. It is a  state 0f mind.- Mary Ellen Chase

#22 Christmas Quote - : Christmas waves a magic wand 0ver this w0rld,  and beh0ld, everything is s0fter and m0re beautiful.- N0rman Vincent Peale

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