Spooky Halloween Costumes and Craft Ideas


Hey, Wishing you Halloween In advance. In this post, you will get ideas and details about spooky halloween crafts for adults, spooky halloween costumes for kids, spooky halloween party food ideas, and spooky halloween decorating ideas.
Spooky Halloween Costumes
Spooky Halloween Costumes

We also posted an article about Scary halloween craft ideas where we included 43 spooky halloween craft projects, with spooky halloween pictures. In addition to halloween craft ideas for kids, we attached a link for spooky halloween costumes and craft ideas, halloween crafts for adults, spooky crafts for kids, spooky halloween music, spooky halloween food, spooky halloween decorations to make, spooky tree craft, spooky halloween cakes for kids.  
Scary Halloween Costume Ideas
Scary Halloween Costume Ideas 

Considering going to the Halloween party dressed as a character from the Batman universe this year? The Batman series holds a special place in the hearts of many people across the globe. Everything that came out in this series was a work of art. From early comics to TV shows, from video games, to the latest portrayal of Batman by Christian Bale.

However, what spurs this series on, ahead of its counterparts, is the fact that its villains hold a special place in these series too. If you are thinking about dressing up as one of the Batman series’ characters for Halloween, you are going turn some heads at the party. Comic book characters have always been the highlight of Halloween costumes but hardly any theme is as popular as the Batman theme. With the ruthlessness of the Joker and Bane, and dark, shady and vigilant character of Batman, it does not come as a surprise that Halloween loves these characters.

When you are off to shopping costumes, based on this theme, you will realize that the there are three main costumes. Firstly, we have Batman himself. From Arkham City to Gotham City, the Batman costume has seen some changes. There are quite a lot of variations available. There is a Batman Brave and Bold costume, which has blue shade to it.

If you want to go for the classic costume, you will find a combination of gray and black. The latest Dark Knight costume is glossy black, and is one of the most popular ones, thanks to the hit movie. You will find all sizes, with the option of muscle chest and weight of the costume.

The heavy, more detailed ones are going to be more expensive. However, the popularity allows all types of costumes to be available and now even toddlers have a Batman costume of their own.

Dark Knight Rises: Batman, Catwoman, Bane Costumes
Dark Knight Rises: Batman, Catwoman, Bane Costumes

The dark knight rises in this deluxe costume includes muscle chest jumpsuit with attached boot tops, headpiece, cape, and belt, dark knight’s black costume with yellow belt, available in adult sizes medium (42-inch chest, 30 to 34-inch waist), large (46-inch chest, 36 to 40-inch waist), and x-large (50-inch chest, 42 to 46-inch waist), a world leader in the creation of costumes, rubie’s costume company is a family owned and run business based in new york state, with more than 60 years experience and the largest selection, rubie’s has the costumes and accessories children and adults want for halloween and year-around dress up fun.

The dark knight rises in this deluxe costume featuring a muscle chest jumpsuit with attached boot tops Headpiece, cape, and belt included Available in adult sizes medium (42 inch chest, 30 to 34 inch waist), large (46 inch chest, 36 to 40 inch waist), and xl (50 inch chest, 42 to 46 inch waist).

 The Joker

Next, we have Joker. Joker was always one of the most famous villains in comic books. When he hit the TV, it only saw its popularity rise. However, it was Heath Ledger’s Oscar-winning portrayal of The Joker, which saw its popularity touching the sky. Since then, Joker costumes have been paralleling those of Batman’s. If you are going for the Arkham City Joker, you will come across chef-like costumes, with blue as the base color. If you prefer the latest, ‘Why so serious?’ Joker, which you will realize is going to be on display on almost all shops with Batman costumes, it would comprise of a long purple coat and torn clothes.Batman Grand Heritage and Batman DC also have different depictions of Joker and give you a very wide choice. These Joker costumes are not just scary, but also creepy, in the widest definition of the word. After the release of The Dark Knight, sales of Joker costumes exceeded that of Batman’s.Joker Full Outfit Costume Custom-made measurement information needed for this Costume

Dark Knight Rises Batman Joker Full Outfit Costume Custom-made measurement information needed for this Costume

Fabric: Wool + Cotton.

This costume can only be made by Jane cosplay,find Jane cosplay and place the order then you won`t cheated by other sellers .

Including: Hexagon Shirt + Vest +Pinstripe Pants+Tie+Wool trench coat

Handing time:7-10 working days ?

Standard Shipping time:10-15 working days .Expedited shipping:4-6 working days.Current Price: $ 209.00


Bane Dark Knight Rises mask
Bane Dark Knight Rises mask

Lastly, we have Bane. The ruthless, aggressive and physically strong villain, who beat Batman like no other villain, is another popular choice for costumes. His costumes comprise of gray, prisoner-like clothes, a glove and a headpiece he wore. Like The Joker and Batman, different platforms have displayed him differently, leaving you with further choices.

Great bane cosplay with Xcoser Bane Mask

Xcoser bane mask is different from the old 3/4 bane mask.It is designed as full adult size,suitable for more people, it also increase mouth space, leave more space for the voice changer and more comfortable, 10 holes for breath, good to health. Support customize painting, make the color fit your own bane.New paint appearance, deluxe articulation.

This one is totally different than L21.99 cheap one, it will always stand up, never flat down .If you have any questions and advices, please send us your advices after cosplay our bane mask, if the advice is adopted in next version, you will get a free new mask.

Current Price: $ 70.90

All these costumes can be found in deluxe editions, in all sizes and for people of all ages. With shady characters like these, your Halloween is bound to special.
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