halloween costume ideas for adults


🎃 halloween costume ideas for adults 🎃

Halloween costumes ideas for adults
 Adults Halloween Costume Ideas
 halloween costume ideas for adults
 halloween costume ideas for adults

Cute Popular Pirate Pet Kid Halloween Costumes For Adults :- Teenage is that age where you have spark of fulfilling your all dreams, where you wanna achieve something, where you learn about the people around you, where you learn about society, nature and time, and where you got to meet new people and have some amazing experiences which is gonna make your life much better and show you a very good path. 

Well, teenagers not only do this but a lot of more things too. They work on themselves too, and the priority in working on themselves includes their costume and looks for which they spend lots of time in gym, salons, parlours, shopping malls, etc etc. 

So why we are behind on the eve of Halloween, that’s why here we are going to provide you Cute Popular Pirate Pet Kid Halloween Costumes For Adults kids father mother brother sister bro sis mom dad papa mummy daddy family son daughter.

Cute Popular Pirate Pet Kid Halloween Costumes For Adults
Pirate Couples Costumes
Pirate Couples Costumes

King Jester  Mardi Gras CostumeS
King Jester  Mardi Gras CostumeS

Look Cool In A Mardi Gras Costume! 

King Costumes Look Regal And Sophisticated In A King Costume This Mardi Gras! You will feel like royalty this Mardi Gras while wearing one of the many Mardi Gras King Costumes. You will be able to indulge in pride and power as you maintain your kingly look. Remember that a king is nothing without his crown and his royal scepter. Your role if accepted is to rule over those attending the Mardi Gras festivities, parades, and costume parties. Everyone will be unable to take their eyes off you when they see you gracing the festivities wearing your King Costume fit for a king.

Our Mardi Gras King Costumes feature a wide variety of styles and sizes for adults. From Royal King Costume to the King Of Hearts Costume, you will find the perfect selection of King costumes for your Mardi Gras festivities, parades, and parties. All these costumes include a robe and crown. A king is nothing without the royal crown. It is the symbol of power that others follow. To complete the kingly look you may want to add a scepter.

Here are a few Mardi Gras Costume Ideas for your consideration for snagging your ideal regal King Costume look.King Robe Adult Costume.  Are you worthy of being king of the festivities then consider cloaking yourself with this majestic burgundy King’s Robe Adult Costume trimmed in faux fur? An awesome look for any school plays, Renaissance Fairs, or Mardi Gras celebrations. It is available in One Size Fits Most Adults. A crown and scepter will have to purchase and may be slightly different from the ones shown. To complete the kingly look you will need to add a pair of black pants, black shoes, and a shirt. You might consider pairing with a partner wearing the Queen of Hearts costume and enjoy an evening fit for royalty! 

Become the ruler of the Mardi Gras festivities and capture the hearts of others while wearing this costume! This costume is also great for Halloween, Mardi Gras or Valentine’s Day.  The King of Hearts Costume comes with a fur-trimmed red velvet coat that has black & white checkered accents, a sleeveless blue & black tunic, shoulder sash with those red hearts, a deluxe red velvet crown with fur trim and gold accents, and a royal medallion necklace.  It comes is adult medium, large, and X-large sizes. You will have to add your own black pants and shoes. Consider pairing with your favorite Queen of Hearts for an amazing card couples costume. Mardi Gras King Adult Costume.  Those in attendance will yell “All hail” the Carnival King when you show up in this Mardi Gras King Adult Costume! You will be able to party like royalty in this King Costume which consists of a plush purple crown with black marabou trim and gold accents along with a purple/gold jacket with festive diamond trim. It comes in a one size fits most adults. The pants, shirt and black shoes will have to be added to complete the special look.

Become a man of distinction while thy Mardi Gras royal subjects bow in your presence! These Mardi Gras King Costumes shimmer with greatness and you will feel good about being king for a day. All the attention you receive by all will be much more than you expect. As a final touch, do not forget to walk and talk like a king this Mardi Gras, to be more convincing. Fill your gait with the pride of a king and your speech with elegance. Since you already look like a king, why not go all the way while wearing one of the Mardi Gras King Costumes?

Most of these costumes come with an eccentric hat that has pointed ends. The hats that are part of the Jester Costume is  made of cloth and has 2 or 3 points which usually have a bell on the end. History shows that these pointed hats represent the ears of a donkey.

History points out that kings and rich rulers would employ Jesters to dress up in funny outfits while entertaining. So you to can entertain everyone at the parties or celebrations while wearing a Jester Costume. You will need to prepare a number of jokes for telling to those around you or while you are just  fooling around having fun. Most of them were a little goofy looking with a belled hat with either two or three prongs. Sometimes they would also carry around a scepter.

The Jester Costume usually comes with color coordinated pants with a tunic top and a hat with two prongs. You can find the costumes in red and black, purple and green, and black and white, and even purple and black. The pants and tunic can even have jagged edges. You will have to add a pair of matching shoes to complete most Jester Costumes.Mardi Gras Jester Adult Costume.  It will be all fun and games on Bourbon Street’s finest in this costume! The Mardi Gras Jester Costume consist of a Mardi Gras royal purple and emerald green hood with three prongs, a matching tunic top with gold trim ragged-edge, and green and purple pants with a gold jagged-edge trim. A must have for any Mardi Gras party. It comes in a one size fits most adults. You will have to add a pair matching shoes to complete the outfit.Jester Adult Plus Costume.  You will be entertaining in your ruler’s court in this eye-catching Plus Size Jester Costume if you want! This could be a  fun costume for either Mardi Gras or Halloween! This Jester Costume comes with a two-tone black and purple velvet tunic with matching hat with two points. It is available in plus size 1X. The shoes and tights as seen must be purchased separatelyKing’s Jester Adult Costume.  You will be able to clown around and have fun in this awesome Jester Costume! In this costume, your will be able to tickle the funny bone of those attending Mardi Gras with you or a costume party! This vibrant King’s Jester Adult Costume comes with a one-piece tunic that features an elastic waist, full sleeves, and a pom collar. A matching hat with two points with balls is also included to complete this outfit. This is a unisex costume for either a male or female. It comes in a one size fits most adults. The shoes, scepter, and hosiery saw in the picture may be purchased separately to complete the costume.Vile Jester Adult Costume.  While wearing this costume you could entertain with a  little dark humor! You decision to keep them laughing or keep them guessing at the party is your choice. The Vile Adult Jester Costume features a double knit polyester shirt, a pair of matching pants, waist sash, a headpiece with two points, and a character mask to hide your identity. It comes in adult sizes small, medium, large, and X-large. You will have to add a pair of matching shoes, black costume gloves, and a Jester Skull cane to heighten the fright factor of this creep scary costume. You will have a look that could chill and thrill your friends!Male Jester Plus Adult Costume.  You will no doubt get a lot of laughs as this fun-loving purple and black Jester! Become the life of the party while wearing this entertaining Male Jester Plus Adult Costume which includes a jagged hemmed shirt that features a purple and black diamond print, matching pants, and a  joker plush style headpiece with a collar that is attached to the shirt. This costume is available in adult plus size and is a one size fit most adults.  Your job is to keep them laughing.Mardi Gras Jester Adult Costume.  This costume is perfect for Mardi Gras celebrations and having a little fun with your friends! This classic Adult Mardi Gras Jester Costume comes with a top that is royal purple and gold, a gold and emerald green pair of pants, a matching  jester hat with three prongs, and character shoe covers. It comes in one size fits most adult women up to the size 10/12. The gloves as shown will have to be purchased separately. You could even act like a kid in this quality design Jester Costume!

For thousand of years, the role of the Jesters would entertain by juggling and be a comedian. They were even allowed to criticize anyone freely without fear of retribution. The common image of a Jester during the medieval and Renaissance eras was related to parading through the court, dispensing humor and projecting sarcasm to those in power.

Since the Jester’s role was to entertain, accessories were essential to help them entertain. Jesters played fiddles, juggled and other entertaining activities. From a simple Jester scepter (known as a bauble) to a club a Jester’s accessories would say a lot about the overall Jester outfit. Go for a traditional accessory look with a simple scepter and judging items such as balls would work fine. Remember to incorporate the Jester’s role as a seemingly funny person. Their amusement could include music, jokes, songs, juggling and a lot more.

These Jester Mardi Gras Costume Ideas are unique costumes that will set you apart from the rest of society, and they often consist of bright multicolored outfits including bells and a hat with two to three prongs arching out and down around the face. In some case, the costumes worn by the Jesters were a clown like costumes with the ball looking like buttons lined on the torso chest area. For a twist, you could wear purple and green which are typical colors for Mardi Gras. The Jester Costume is very popular during Mardi Gras and other celebrations around that time.

The Jester Costumes set the Jesters apart from the rest of society in the past and consisted of bright multi-colored outfits including jagged-edge pants, tunic, bells, and a hat with two to three prongs arching out and down over their face.

Sometimes the costumes worn by the Jesters were even clowned-like with the ball looking like buttons lined on the torso chest area and on the end of the hat prongs. For a twist during Mardi gras,  you could wear a purple and green a Jester Costume which the  typical colors for Mardi gras .The Jester Costume is very popular during Mardi gras , Halloween, and costume parties. The Jester Costumes usually features color coordinated pants with a tunic top and a hat with two or three prongs. These costumes are available in red and black, purple and green, and black and white, and even purple and black. The pants and tunic even come with jagged edges. You will have to add a pair of matching shoes and maybe a scepter to complete most Jester Costumes.

Wouldn’t it be fun to be a funny and scary mysterious jester during your Mardi gras ? You can absolutely be that character with one of the many Jester Costumes. Mardi gras  parties are not only for scaring other people but also for sharing some fun. Be an evil like humorous man while wearing on of the Jester Costumes. Most of these Costume packages include a shirt, pants, a sash that will be put on your waist, head accessory and a mask. You can even wear a pair of black gloves to enhance its evil look and a skull cane to scare your friends even more. By wearing one of these costumes, you can play with your friends as a jester and other Mardi gras  party goers by letting them guess who you are or by scaring them.

Superhero Costumes for Men 

There are a lot of Superhero Costume options this year, especially for men. You can dress up as a true hero and go as Batman, Superman or even Captain America or you can opt to go as a villain dress up as The Joker. 

SuperHero Costumes for MEN

But, if going as a true Superhero is what you have in mind, then Gotham City needs you, Batman! But in the meantime, you need a costume too – and among the Batman Halloween Costumes available, one in particular stands out in the darkness. That one is the Mens Deluxe Muscle Chest The Dark Knight Batman Costume. 

Save Gotham City, or just look like you could with this muscle chest jumpsuit Deluxe Batman costume. This replica, patterned after the movie, features a black jumpsuit, with boot tops included, the black cape and of course that crime fighting utility belt. Let’s not forget the mask. You’ll clearly be able to party like a superhero in this outfit. 

Now if you’re looking for something a little grittier, you might want to check out the "The Batman Dark Knight"  The Joker Costume. It carries just the right bite to it with its famous purple-themed jacket and pants. 

“Why so serious?” As the Joker, you’ll know how to put a smile on their face! The Batman Dark Knight The Joker costume is from the Grand Heritage Collection and includes a gray shirt, green vest, purple jacket, matching striped pants, purple gloves, tie, and a wig. A basic make-up kit with (white cream make-up, a small black makeup stick, a large red makeup stick, mouth scars and face adhesive) is also included to complete this authentic Joker costume. 

Captain America Classic Adult Costume

Although, throughout the ages, there have been many different superheroes, one continues to stick out and that’s Captain America. This larger than life hero, created in the 1940s, burst onto the scene in his American flag style costume. With over 200 million comic books featuring Captain America sold – and the recently released movie on the big screen – his popularity is at an all-time high. That’s one of the reasons the Captain America costume continues to be a bestseller year after year. 

Adult Superhero Costumes-captain ameriaca-diy-superhero-costume-design-adults-men-girls-homemade-kids

Be loyal to nothing except the dream in this high-quality Captain America Movie – Captain America Prestige Adult Costume which includes a patriotic style, screen-printed jumpsuit with zipper back, attached chest and arm straps, 3D utility belt and character hood with Captain America’s signature A.

Optimus Prime Roll Out Autobots, Transform For Halloween!  

Transformers Optimus Prime costumes will be in heavy demand this Halloween. Each Summer we carefully review the movies that have been released in the theaters and keep tabs on those that will release in September/October. Why? Because this usually tells us what Halloween costumes will be the most popular with kids. Being a parent myself, I know how important this information can be when trying to prepare for the festivities surrounding October 31st.

transformers prime optimus prime
transformers prime Optimus prime

The mass hysteria already surrounding this costume comes as no surprise since the second installment of the Transformers popular movie franchise has just been in theaters and is fresh on the minds of young boys who wish to become powerful, transforming robots! As usual, the most popular costumes of the Halloween season follow the trends set by the box office hits at the movies, and Optimus Prime costumes are no exception to this rule of thumb.

While looking for the best Transformers Optimus Prime costumes, I found that there are two different costume designs offered this year. The first Transformer Optimus Prime costume is focused on younger boys with its animated appearance and soft design. The second is more of a movie-quality costume and looks to be focused towards middle aged boys with its red and blue jumpsuit, wearable arm canon, and helmet.

If you child is leaning towards this costume, you will probably want to start looking now because this hot item will probably sell out before October. As with any child’s Halloween costume, it’s probably a good idea to adhere some reflective tape on either one of these costumes to keep your little robot safe while trick or treating or playing outside in the dark.

Transformers Optimus Prime costumes

Fun Optimus Prime Costumes For Kids

One of the famous and most remarkable movies in English film history is transformers. People of every age like this movie and its sequel. I am sure you also know about the movie and its one of the focal characters Optimus Prime.

Transformers Optimus Prime costumes
Transformers Optimus Prime costumes

He appears in the movie with holographic projection maps and optic blasts to destroy the enemy. Many people recognize Optimus Prime as the best virtual hero in cyber town. Children are also great fans of Optimus Prime. They often like to wear their favorite hero’s outfit on Halloween.  If you are tensed about dress selection for your child on Halloween, then an  Optimus Prime Halloween Costume may be the best option for you. 

Now there is a question that, from where you can get an Optimus Prime Costume?  Here at Optimus prime costume ideas, There are many Optimus Prime Costumes with various designs and features. it is one of the most favorite costumes among children.

Whatever, children like to wear the costume of their favorite superhero!  Every child wants to be their favorite character. Just think about your childhood. Didn’t you want to be your favorite character when you were a child?
Transformers Optimus Prime costumes
Transformers Optimus Prime costumes

So give your child a chance to make his dream true! When your child puts on this Optimus Prime Costume on Halloween evening he will feel great power of joy. So, try to get an Optimus Prime Costume for your child for a very memorable Halloween this year!

Hasbro’s line of Transformers toys has been popular among American children since they were introduced in 1984. Of course, with the release of 2007′s hottest Transformers movie and the 2009 sequel Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, it is not too difficult to understand why the Transformers have gathered such a cult following. Surely, Transformers costumes, whether homemade or purchased from a costume store, are set to be an all-sparkly hit.


Price: $5.95 (Retail $8.57)

Little boys, in particular, love playing Optimus Prime. He’s the leader of the Transformers, a small army of robots that fight the evil forces of Decepticon and their leader, Megatron. There have been many incarnations of Optimus Prime, the bravest and more heroic of the Transformers. He was popular in the 1980s and now that Transformers has been remade, the new and improved 21st century Optimus Prime is in hot demand this Halloween.

If you choose to dress up as Optimus Prime you can play the role as leader of the Autobots (The heroic Transformers). The Optimus costumes for children as well as adults are available in classic cartoon animated version and also Transformers:Revenge of the Fallen version.  The most elaborate are the 3-D styles which mimic real mechanical parts.  Then you move down one level to the Deluxe modules which still give you a pretty good look and last is the classic jumpsuit style.  All costumes come with a character jumpsuit, mask and sculpted chest piece for the Deluxe and 3D styles and printed jumpsuit for the Classic.

Robots rapidly changing shapes and battling it out is the premise of this hugely successful cartoon and movie so it’s hardly surprising that most young boys are desperate to adorn their Transformers costumes and transform into the heroic leader of the Autobots or the little Bumblebee with the big personality this Halloween.

If your child is one of those avid Transformers fans, then he will truly love putting on an Optimus Prime costume on Halloween while he goes out with his friends, trick-or-treating across the neighborhood. 

This costume will truly make him stand out among his peers and you can expect a lot of candies on his basket when he gets back home.

Since Halloween is fast approaching, you might want to stand out and get a second look with this Transformers costume. The only drawback we see is that the jumpsuit is only printed in front and you only get a solid white on the back, though the accessories are durable so it offsets our nitpick.

The leader of the Autobots is Optimus Prime. He leads the Autobots against the evil or bad robots the Decepticons. The Autobots follow the Decepticons to earth after their planet, Cybertron was destroyed from all the robot battles.

As a result, Prime and his Autobots found themselves on Earth, with the Autobots swearing to protect their new planet and the humans they share it with.

Optimus prime is not only the mortal enemy of Megatron but also the leader of the Autobots. He leads the Autobots by decisiveness and by example. He was the one who helped win the Great War for the good side, the Autobots!

Optimus Prime is a friend to everyone good, both humans, and robots and does his best to protect everyone equally!

Thanks to the release of Transformers 1 and 2, Halloween costumes of Optimus Prime and Transformers have come a long way. The costumes are now considered realistic looking, comfortable and even stylish. Now kids and adults, without too much effort, can dress up like a transformer!

If you are considering a Transformers costume you can choose Autobots or Decepticons. There is definitely a transformers costume out there for your Halloween!

Costumes vary in design from the new aged movie costume to the 80′s classic cartoon costume. The cartoon costume features more gray, red and blue. While the new age costume is much more realistic and looks like the costumes from the two Transformers movies. Be sure to get shoe covers and foam chest blocks to give it a realistic look.
You can create your own costumes if you want. However, if you would prefer very creative costumes, there are a lot of websites that offer readily designed costumes to choose from.
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