Ladies halloween costumes ideas {Princess or Witch} List of Best 24


Ladies halloween costumes ideas

When we talk about Halloween we can’t ignore Ladies Halloween costumes ideas. This is the main part of any theme or party. Either it’s question of homemade women's Halloween costume ideas or D I Y ladies Halloween costume ideas. Here are the easy female Halloween costume ideas, dress ideas for women which can be chosen as female adult Halloween costumes. Don’t forget to check party galaxy costumes women which are also included in the last of this post.

ladies Halloween costumes ideas

Ladies halloween costumes ideas
Ladies halloween costumes ideas 

Before we proceed let’s check funny last minute costume ideas, easy adult Halloween costumes, quick homemade Halloween costumes, easy homemade adult costumes ideas, 5 minute Halloween costumes, funny homemade Halloween costume ideas, homemade Halloween costumes for women.

In this section, we included do it yourself Halloween costumes, easy homemade Halloween costumes for women, and clever Halloween costumes 2016. 

Ladies halloween costumes ideas List

2. Cookie Monster Costume 
3. Fairy Costumes
4. Greek Goddess Costume 
5. Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples 
6. Halloween costume Ideas for Women 
7. Indian Costumes 
8. Jessica Rabbit Costume 
9. Lady Gaga Halloween Costume 
10.Little Red Riding Hood Costume 
11.Marie Antoinette Costume
12.Mermaid Costume 
13.Minnie Mouse Costume
14.Ninja Costume 
15.Peacock Costume
16.Pocahontas Costume 
17.Poison Ivy Costume 
18.Princess Leia Costume
19.Skeleton Costumes 
20.Snooki Costume 
21.Snow White Costume
22.Stormtrooper Costumes 
23.Tinkerbell Costume 
24.Wonder Woman Costume 
25.Zombie Costume 

Cleopatra Costume

Cleopatra costume are the perfect costumes for you in this Halloween? Cleopatra costume are classic. Yes these are not only on the top of the best Halloween costume ideas for this year but also one of the most popular costumes and it is considered one of the Classic Halloween costumes ideas. A Cleopatra costume is the best idea for a Halloween get-up for ladies who wish to join the fun of a themed party, yet still show off their sexy figure! A Cleopatra costume will surely make any woman stand out in a Halloween party. Cleopatra is a classic paragon of female beauty, power, and allure. She is best known as the seductive lover of two of the most powerful men in history, Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. Cleopatra Costume – Popular Character What most people don’t know is that Cleopatra was actually a powerful political leader. She was the last pharaoh of Ancient Egypt. Cleopatra is a name that was commonly used within the lineage of Ptolemaic rulers of Egypt, who were Greek in origin. The real-life person behind the usual Cleopatra costume most commonly depicted in art and literature is Cleopatra VII. It would not be difficult for someone to whip up a nice Cleopatra costume because of the variety of visual depictions of this powerful female ruler in books, paintings, movies and other modern media.


Arguably, the most popular and well-known characterization of Cleopatra was by Hollywood actress Elizabeth Taylor in an epic movie of the same name in 1963. Elizabeth Taylor seemed to have one Cleopatra costume too many in this movie. She changed costumes up to 65 times! The production was as controversial and astounding as the real-life story of Cleopatra that it sought to depict. It was the highest-grossing movie of its time, but ironically reported a loss due to the massive production expense of $44 million.Cleopatra Costume – Design and Style. So for those who want to relive the life of an Egyptian queen, designing and producing a Cleopatra costume is easy. Why not be inspired by any of the looks that Elizabeth Taylor donned in the movie? There are basic design elements one can use in a Cleopatra costume that are evocative of the period. Simply mix and match these elements to come up with a unique, stylish Cleopatra costume of one’s own.

For instance, the ideal shape of dress for a Cleopatra costume would be a simple drape of soft, sheer fabric over the shoulders and bust, cinched at the waist to emphasize the curves of the body. In terms of color for a Cleopatra costume, black, gold, and white are the classic colors of that period. Turquoise is an accent color best associated with the Egyptian period as well. Other colors that can be used for a Cleopatra costume are red, purple, or yellow.

Cleopatra Costume and Accessories

A Cleopatra costume wouldn’t be complete without the right accessories. Wear big, bold, gold earrings and necklaces. Hair should be jet-black and straight. (A wig can be used for this look.) Top off the Cleopatra costume with a dramatic headpiece made of gold and sparkling gemstones. Make-up is dramatic, with signature black eyeliner on the upper lids that curl up sharply to the edges. Cleopatra was most known for this look.

Cleopatra Costume – Summary

For those who may be less creatively inclined, they can simply choose a Cleopatra costume on the Internet. There are websites that conveniently sell pre-designed costumes for themed parties and events. They can pick a Cleopatra costume among hundreds of other designs and costume ideas.

Cookie Monster Costume

Is Cookie Monster Costume are the perfect costumes for you in this Halloween? Cookie Monster costume are classic. Yes these are not only on the top of the best Halloween costume ideas for this year but also one of the most popular costumes and it is considered one of the Classic Halloween costumes ideas.Halloweens are always so exciting! It is one event of the year children and parents alike look forward to each year. It is an occasion where people can be crazy and all out with their costumes and kids get to enjoy free candies. Only those with faint heart are afraid of Halloweens with the spookiness and eerie feeling the event comes with. But for most people Halloween is fun and exciting. One problem though each of us undergo through every Halloween is what costume to wear that will make us stand out and apart from the crowd? Worry no more as Cookie Monster is here to save you. Yes, you heard that right. The answer to your problem is a cookie monster costume. A cookie monster costume will let you be different from all the superhero, Disney character clad of people. Not only will you be the center of attention but also the center of cuteness and adorability.Cookie Monster Costume – Famous CharacterA cookie monster costume will most probably be worn by children. Children have always been associated with the word cute and so does a cookie monster costume. If your child is seen wearing a cookie monster costume, he will instantly earn the sympathy and adoration of many adults resulting in many candies and treats for him. How happy can your child be on Halloween? Being a famous character on the hit child friendly TV show Sesame Street, a cookie monster costume has continuously impressed parents with how cute their child looked in the costume and how safe and well-made the costume is. It is common knowledge that kids are more prone to accidents as they are less aware of their environment than adults are. A cookie monster costume is very safe to use for children as it doesn’t contain ay dangling or sharp objects which can choke or stab children. It is also made from the finest polyester material for a more comfortable wear and washable safe for future usage.


Here’s a tip: a fun way for your child to go trick or treating and have that full cookie monster vibe is to say “me want cookie” exactly like cookie monster. Plus cute points to your child! Cookie Monster Costume – Ideal Costumes for all Ages A cookie monster costume is not only confined to children as it is a cute costume. There are many different versions of cookie monster costume that will suit all people wanting such a costume for Halloween such as adult sizes for males and sexy versions for females.


There is a cookie monster costume made for each of us who loves the character. Cookie monster has been a household name for years now ever since Sesame Street first aired on TV. His cuteness and adorable antics made him a favorite of many. A cookie monster costume will do the same for you. It will make you cute, adorable, and iconic all at the same time.

Fairy Costumes

Is Fairy Costumes are the perfect costumes for you in this Halloween? Fairy costumes are classic. Yes these are not only on the top of the best Halloween costume ideas for this year but also one of the most popular costumes and it is considered one of the Classic Halloween costumes ideas. Magic is one of the most wonderful entertainment aspects for children. From the simple tricks they see in parties, to the bedazzling television shows that they catch everyday, a world of spells, magical creatures, and benevolent friends has appealed to children for many generations. Part of this can be attributed to the otherworldly appeal of magic. A world of magic is the pathway to a world of possibilities, something vastly interesting to children who possess simple (and thus pure) concepts of the world. Because of this, children of all ages have aspired to become queens, princesses, knights, wizards, and, of course, fairies.Fairy Costumes – Fantasy WorldFairies have enjoyed a great following, literally through the ages. From being a feared superstition, it has become a staple of the eponymous fairy tales, as well as fantasy-themed novels, animated and live-action movies. Pop culture and urban tale alike is full of fairy folklore – Tinkerbell, Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother, Sleeping Beauty’s doting, magical aunts, and even the modern, technological fairies of Eoin Colfer’s Artemis Fowl series have made the fairy into an icon of the fantasy world. This can be attributed to the kind, powerful nature of fairies – not only are they admired by girls everywhere because of their power, but also because of their ability to stand on the side of good.

This is the reason why many children prefer to dress up in fairy costumes for special occasions such as birthday parties or Halloween events. Today, fairy costumes of different designs are largely available in toy stores, costume shops, online marketing websites and many more sources. Variety is one of the main advantages of fairy costumes – manufacturers try to ensure that each costume set is as beautiful and well-designed as that of others in the same field. As such, the searching parent can have a large variety of fairy costumes to choose from, which not just design, but also in quality and detail.Fairy Costumes – For Kids and Young Adults Fairy costumes from movies and television shows have maintained a constant spot on little girls’ favorite costumes for Halloween. Fairy costumes of Peter Pan’s sidekick Tinker Bell have made many a children’s costume idea satisfied, with its gossamer wings and the simple, yet stylish wild-themed green costume. The Fairy Godmother has also become a popular template for many fairy costumes around the world – with the shiny and silky material that comprises their flowing robes, their fluffy and soft wings, and the occasional tiara and wand, the fairy godmother has become one of the most modified fairy costumes for kids and young adults alike. Fairy costumes present an advantage for little girls wishing to celebrate special days in their young lives. Because of the affordability of fairy costumes today, even the tightest of budgets can be sure to obtain fairy costumes of fine design.

Most fairy costumes come with accessories, such as crowns, wings and wands, giving children a chance to use these for added fun during playtime. Also, through associating their fairy costumes with their children’s beloved characters, parents will be able to help their kids exercise their imaginative skills, leading to bouts of creativity and inspiration at an early age.

Greek Goddess Costume

Is Greek Goddess Costume are the perfect costumes for you in this Halloween? Greek goddess costume are classic. Yes these are not only on the top of the best Halloween costume ideas for this year but also one of the most popular costumes and it is considered one of the Classic Halloween costumes ideas. Probably one of the sexiest creatures that ever existed in Greek and Roman mythologies aside from the nymphs and other magical creatures are the goddesses. That is probably one of the reasons why men want to imagine themselves as legendary gods and heroes of ancient Greece and Rome. Other than glory and the power, there are a variety of women and goddesses at your disposal. So why not give those men a chance of living one of their fantasies and wear a Greek goddess costume this Halloween. Enchant them with your beauty and make the men worship you like the goddess you really are.There are different kinds of Greek goddesses so we have to go with the general look with this Greek goddess costume. The good thing about the Greek goddess costume is that it is really simple. If you decide to go on a Halloween party wearing a Greek goddess costume, all you need to wear is a gown. It is up to you if you want it short or long. To make any gown look like a Greek goddess costume, it needs gold or silver trimmings to give off that elegant ethereal look to the gown. The accessories that you need to wear with the Greek goddess costume should also be gold or silver. You can accessorize your Greek goddess costume with a gold tie belt. There are also different kinds of headpieces for this Greek goddess costume. You can either wear a tiara, a golden laurel headpiece, or a bohemian headpiece with a flower on it.Gold and silver jewelries will also look good with this Greek goddess costume to make you look like a true Greek goddess. Bangles, armlets, necklaces, and earrings will definitely make the Greek goddess costume look like royalty. As for the shoes, lace up sandals will go well with the Greek goddess costume but any pair of sandals or gladiator sandals will look good as well. The makeup that you have to wear has to be simple and has to be on the lighter tones. But if you plan to wear a dark Greek goddess costume that is inspired by Medusa or Persephone, then wearing dark shades for your makeup is okay. But remember to wear a dark gown as well. Silver accessories will look better with a dark Greek goddess costume rather than gold accessories.

This costume does not only look good in a Halloween party but in a toga party and in a gala as well. It can be used as a theme if your family wants to have a theme when attending a party. You can dress your child as a nymph or if you have a baby boy he can be Cupid. As for your hubby, he can be a gladiator or a god so he can wear a toga as well.

Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples

There are numerous Halloween costume ideas for couples. Unfortunately, many couples have a hard time thinking of new Halloween costume ideas for couples and for that reason resort to wearing the same thing year after year. However, with a bit of ingenuity and pre-planning, a couple can a lot of fun on Halloween. Halloween should be enjoyed to the full. It is a time when a couple can temporarily take on a new identity. Following are some of the many and best Halloween costume ideas for couples that can be considered.Before Starting with some ideas, we want to show you a screen shot of the couples page of our preferred provider for Costume Ideas for Couples.

Cartoon Based Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples

Cartoons are not only for children. Many adults enjoy watching Disney or Pixar animations. They are fun, entertaining and relaxing. There are many Halloween costume ideas for couples based on cartoons and animations.

Some old fashioned Halloween costume ideas for couples include dressing up as Beauty and the Beast, or Snow White and Prince Charming. These well known characters never grow old and are sure to be recognized at any party. Other traditional Halloween costume ideas for couples include Rapunzel and her beau, Cinderella and her prince or Pocahontas and John Smith.

Modern cartoons also provide plenty of creative Halloween costume ideas for couples. An interracial couple may enjoy dressing up as Tiana and Prince Naveen, from the well known cartoon “The Princess and the Frog”. Dressing up as Gnomeo and Juliet, from the movie by the same name, can also be plenty of fun, although it may involve some red and blue body paint. Other Halloween costume ideas for couples based on recent cartoons include dressing up as Wall-E and his female robot friend or perhaps donning costumes and posing as Po and Tigress from Kung Fu Panda. Halloween costume ideas for couples involving elaborate costumes include dressing up as Blu and Jewel from the cartoon Rio, or perhaps even dressing up as the viking boy and his dragon from the movie “How to Train Your Dragon.”

Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples Based on Well Known Movies

Well known movies provide plenty of Halloween costume ideas for couples. Jake Sully and Neytiri, of Avatar fame, can be a great costume choice. Such Halloween costume ideas for couples are sure to stand out and be remembered for a long time. Dressing up as Captain Jack Sparrow and Angelica Malon can also be a lot of fun; on the other hand, a couple may want to do something unique and dress up as Blackbeard and his daughter. Captain America and Peggy Carter can make a great couple for those who are looking for Halloween costume ideas for couples based on recent movies.

The Harry Potter movie series provides plenty of Halloween costume ideas for couples. A couple could come to a Halloween party dressed as Harry Potter and Hermione Granger. Alternatively, dressing as Ron Weasly and Hermoine Granger can be a great idea. However, a couple does not necessarily need to come to a party dressed up as “the good guys.” Halloween costume ideas for couples that include “being bad” are getting dressed up as Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy or even Lord Voldermort and Bellatrix Lestrange.

Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples Based on Old Classics

The old classics provide plenty of Halloween costume ideas for couples. Getting dressed up as Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire can be quite fun, especially for a couple who knows how to dance. Dressing up as Cleopatra and Mark Antony or Cleopatra and Julius Caesar can also be quite fun. Other Halloween costume ideas for couples include dressing up as Doctor Zhivago and his true love or perhaps even dressing up as Scarlett O’Hara and one of her beaus.

Alternatively, a couple may want to consider Halloween costume ideas for couples based on the Star Wars series. Some ideas include dressing up as Luke Skywalker and his sister Leia, or Han Solo and Leia. A couple can also come dressed as Anakin and Padme, or even as R2-D2 and C-3P0. An original idea would be to dress up as clone soldiers and enjoy watching friends try to tell the two of you apart.

Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples – Summary

There are so many Halloween costume ideas for couples that a couple never has to get bored wearing the same old thing or simply throwing on a corny costume at the last minute. Buying a couple costume is not only inexpensive and saves a couple a lot of time; it can also make a Halloween party a lot more fun and enjoyable. A couple should take the time to consider the Halloween costume ideas for couples listed above. While each of these Halloween costume ideas for couples are great in their own right, each couple will have to determine which idea is the most suitable for them. The good news, however, is that there are so many Halloween costume ideas for couples that each couple is sure to find an idea that is just right for them.

Jessica Rabbit Costume

Is Jessica Rabbit Costume are the perfect costumes for you in this Halloween? Jessica Rabbit costume are classic. Yes these are not only on the top of the best Halloween costume ideas for this year but also one of the most popular costumes and it is considered one of the Classic Halloween costumes ideas. A Jessica Rabbit costume is one of the most-loved costumes when it comes to being totally hot. The only costume that comes close to a Jessica Rabbit costume is Betty Boop’s. Perhaps the definition can be marginalized for both being a cartoon character. And since cartoons are known to exaggerate features of the character, these two becomes the archetype of what a sexy cartoon character is all about.Jessica Rabbit Costume – Popular CharacterJessica Rabbit is a fictional character taken from a movie “Who framed Roger Rabbit?” She played the role of Roger Rabbit’s wife that eventually becomes one of the prime suspects for framing his husband. The movie makes her charm and animalistic magnetism stands out by giving her a voluptuous body, endowed in all areas that exude sexiness, a beautiful face and a bedroom voice.

Being a cartoon character, Jessica Rabbit is only known for one costume. A Jessica Rabbit costume is a long, shimmery, red dress with a very high side slit, a tube top and a super low back. The highlight of her persona is her exaggeratedly huge breasts, a gigantic bottom and very long, slender legs. She wears red high-heeled closed shoes and sexy purple gloves. She has long, wavy, red-orange lock that covers part of her face. Her lips are pouty in flaming red color. She has smoky eyes with extra-long lashes that seem to be half closed all the time.Jessica Rabbit Costume – Dress is your second skinTo be able to pull off a Jessica Rabbit costume, you have to replicate all that. The easy part is the Jessica Rabbit costume dress. This is a generic looking red dress. It is better for a Jessica Rabbit costume to have glitters that makes the dress really shiny and sparkly. However, any red dress will do as Jessica Rabbit costume provided that the shade is really, really bright. Finding a tube design is not difficult; there are lots of red tube top dresses available in department stores everywhere. Gowns with straps will also do provided that it has a sexy look. It is nice if your gown has a slit. But since a Jessica Rabbit costume has an exaggerated long slit, you may want to make the slit longer exposing more of your thigh. The key in making a very great Jessica Rabbit costume is to have a really fitted dress; you should get one that will look as if the dress is your second skin.

If you don’t have a naturally red hair, getting a wig is better than temporarily colouring your hair. Have it wavy and bouncy to create alluring locks that will complement the Jessica Rabbit costume. Your makeup must consist of a fiery red lipstick; make sure that you cover your entire lips. Apply it just outside your lip line to create a much fuller lips. Your eyes must be smoky. It must look as if you are sleepy and your eyes are really heavy. Get an eyelash extension to create a more eye drama. The key is to exaggerate your features without looking like a clown. Since Jessica Rabbit is a cartoon character, being a bit cartoonish is highly recommended.

Lady Gaga Halloween Costume

Is Lady Gaga Halloween Costume are the perfect costumes for you in this Halloween? Lady Gaga Halloween costumes are classic. Yes these are not only on the top of the best Halloween costume ideas for this year but also one of the most popular costumes and it is considered one of the Classic Halloween costumes ideas Always stunning in her outfits, Lady Gaga is now a trend setter and you sure would want to be her this Halloween. Score the perfect Lady Gaga Halloween Costume and enter the party as if you are walking on a red carpet or starring in one of her famous music videos.

Since Lady Gaga has really made a name in the fashion scene because of her hip and glamorous flashy clothing, she always dares to be adventurous with her fashion style. Come to think of it, she really is the only person who could pull those clothes off on a normal day. But there is no reason for you not to get the chance to be as dashing as Lady Gaga. Her trendy styles now become one of the most wanted costumes for Halloween. Her complete top to toe look is being admired by many and that is why the Lady Gaga Halloween costume is one of the hottest these days.Lady Gaga Halloween Costume – Perfect dress of StyleStart off the Lady Gaga Halloween costume by finding the perfect dress of your style. Because Lady Gaga’s clothes are very stylish, it is easier to find one in costume collections. Choose from totally chic, or an extreme rocker look, to tame down glamorous and sexy. Other styles also vary from old fashioned to futuristic depending on the Lady Gaga look that you wish to achieve. One of the most loved Lady Gaga Halloween costume is the sexy rocker chick outfit. It is an ensemble of leather corset jumpsuit with twilled skirt and a Venus cut sleeve made from lace and tool. The gorgeous combination of lace and leather makes the outfit very head turning and sexy with Lady Gaga Halloween Costume.

Lady Gaga Halloween Costume and Accessories

A lot of accessories may be paired with the LadyGaga Halloween Costume. It is very fun to accentuate with the perfect Lady Gaga shades or sun glasses. Be sure to search for the typical trade mark eye glasses and top it with a cute hair fascinator or head dress. There are a lot of styles to choose from if you base it on any of Lady Gaga’s music video.

Other accessories that can go with your Lady Gaga Halloween costume are a nice pair of boots or heels. Be very eccentric when deciding on what shoes to wear. Go for a daring animal plat forms, fur boots, or just the typical pointed pumps with gems all over it. Exaggerate your make up and explore shades of lipstick like silver, candy pink, supple plum, or wild berry to carry the exact Lady Gaga look. Put on a blonde wig with apple cut bangs to exactly look like Lady Gaga. You can even choose to wear a more personalized kind of wig by picking a color of your preference.

Little Red Riding Hood Costume

Is Little Red Riding Hood Costume are the perfect costumes for you in this Halloween? Little red riding hood costume are classic. Yes these are not only on the top of the best Halloween costume ideas for this year but also one of the most popular costumes and it is considered one of the Classic Halloween costumes ideas. Do you feel like indulging yourself in being a famous fairytale character this Halloween? Why not take a walk in the forest to your grandmother’s house in a little red riding hood costume. Just be careful of any big bad wolves lurking in the dark to get your goodies.Little Red Riding Hood Costume – Fit your StyleThere may be different variations of the little red riding hood costume, it may be for an adult or a toddler but there are still similarities. The trademark of this costume is, of course, the red riding hood that you have to wear. It is common to wear a red hooded cape for the little red riding hood costume. You also have to wear a white blouse with or without the puffy sleeves.

For kids who want to wear a little red riding hood costume can either wear three-fourth sleeves or long sleeved blouse. Wearing a little red riding hood costume will include wearing either a corset or a vest. The corset or vest for the little red riding hood costume can be black, brown, or red whatever fits your style in wearing this little red riding hood costume.

Wearing either red or white petticoat skirt for this little red riding hood will make it look good. A red plaid petticoat skirt will also look good in this little red riding hood costume to make you look like you are ready to go on a picnic in the woods.Little Red Riding Hood Costume and AccessoriesFor the makeup that will go well with this costume, a simple makeup will do but if you are on the lookout for any admiring big bad wolves, you can wear a darker makeup. Adults wearing the little red riding hood costume they can either wear black boots or adult doll shoes. Kids in this costume can wear their doll shoes with white knee-high socks. Adults can either wear knee-high socks with their adult doll shoes or a pair of fishnet stockings with their boots to look sexier and naughtier. Fairytales will never be the same with this sexy little red riding hood costume. Oh, and do not forget your picnic basket for all the goodies that you have to bring to your grandmother’s house. And now, your little red riding hood costume is complete. Go to your grandmother’s house and be careful of the big bad wolf waiting for you in the woods.

This little red riding hood costume is good for any Halloween party. You can even make your little daughter wear the same little red riding hood costume and go with her around the neighborhood for a little trick-or-treating. If you want to go as a family while wearing this little red riding hood costume, then you can ask your husband to be the big bad wolf or the hunter. If you are not in the mood to go to any Halloween party but do not want to spoil the Halloween spirit, you can wear this costume while staying at home and you can give out the candies in your basket to the kids who will knock on your door for trick-or-treat.

Marie Antoinette Costume

Is Marie Antoinette Costume are the perfect costumes for you in this Halloween? Marie Antoinette costume are classic. Yes these are not only on the top of the best Halloween costume ideas for this year but also one of the most popular costumes and it is considered one of the Classic Halloween costumes ideas. Royalty has always kept a secure spot in the interests of the people. From an early age, children have been taught to see royalty as the symbol of the good side of the story. The appeal of the royal personage has reached both boys and girls; for the male, knights, kings, and prince represent bravery, nobility, selflessness, and the assurance of getting the girl. For the female, queens, princesses, and duchesses represent grace, kindness, and purity of spirit. These qualities have made royalty one of the most popular figures in fairy tales, embodying the staunch supporter of all heroes and heroines.Marie Antoinette Costume – Love of RoyaltyMovies, video games and literature have also been influenced by people’s love of royalty. William Shakespeare’s Hamlet painted a tragic portrait of a son’s revenge on the man who murdered his father, the king; Fox’s 1997 animated film Anastasia envisions a world where the heiress of Imperial Russia finds herself without her memories; even video games such as Nintendo’s Fire Emblem series combines the innovative gameplay of Eastern tactics with the background and storylines of Western royalty.

However, when it comes to the combination of historical fact and popular culture, no princess has achieved the fame (and possibly infamy) than the French monarch Marie Antoinette. Maria Antonia Josepha Johanna, born on the second of November in 1755, was the Archduchess of Hungary at a young age – however, her fame can be attributed to the fact that she eventually became married to the French monarch Louis XVI.

Her decadent young lifestyle as queen, the rumors that pervaded her relationship with her husband, as well as her tragic execution portray the picture of a tragic royal lifestyle far from any fairy tale, which has forged her appeal to many historians and common people alike.Marie Antoinette Costume -The Grace and BeautyToday, children and teenagers can relive the life and times of one of France’s most controversial queens through their very own Marie Antoinette costume. The glamour and glitter that comes with every Marie Antoinette costume will be sure to make the wearer royalty amongst her fellow peers in any costume party or themed engagement. Designs for a Marie Antoinette costume have varied depending on the costume maker; however, each Marie Antoinette costume ensures that the grace and beauty of the original queen remains embedded in each article of clothing. Marie Antoinette costumes often feature puffy, silken gowns, glittering jewels and beads, as well as the occasional pouf: a centerpiece to any Marie Antoinette costume.

Wearing a Marie Antoinette costume can be advantageous to any child or young adult. Versatility is one of the main advantages: a Marie Antoinette costume can be worn not just for trick-or-treat, but also for more formal occasions such as costumed parties, formal balls, and the like. Parents won’t have to purchase a new set of costumes when a Marie Antoinette costume works just as well. Also, a Marie Antoinette costume invokes elegance – because of the French queen’s royal nature, admirers and colleagues alike will envy the various accessories that are a mark of any Marie Antoinette costume.

Mermaid Costume

Is Mermaid Costume are the perfect costumes for you in this Halloween? Mermaid costume are classic. Yes these are not only on the top of the best Halloween costume ideas for this year but also one of the most popular costumes and it is considered one of the Classic Halloween costumes ideas.Mermaid costume is one the favorite costumes especially during Halloween. There is something very enticing with the idea of a costume that is half human and half fish. Since mermaids are depicted in movies and literature as an epitome of beauty, grace and magic, it is every girl’s and even grown-up’s fantasy to become one. As such, wearing a Mermaid costume is somehow a dream come true for most girls and women.Mermaid Costume – Popular CharacterWhat makes wearing a Mermaid costume more interesting is that a mermaid character can adjust to whatever personality you want to exude. There is a fun, playful and colorful mermaid like Ariel if you want a frisky look. Ariel has red hair, silver shells (to cover her breast) and green tail. These colors will surely make your Mermaid costume super energetic and spirited. This is the look young girls are interested to wear. Since their idea of a Mermaid costume is an Ariel costume, it is expected that most girls will want to wear this costume. Normally, you can find Ariel-inspired Mermaid costumes that consist of red long wigs, shiny green tails and silver shell-like bras.

For a more serious look, the traditional Mermaid costume will more or less have the generic look. A long wavy lock, a bluish or greenish tail and a bra will complete the Mermaid costume. You can make the tail look shiny by using sequins. However, it can be costly and will involve a lot of effort. There are those brave ones that experiments on wearing body stocking and wear nothing else to cover their breast (but just the hair) to make a more natural look. This will work wonders if the hair is really long and thick enough to cover the entire chest. 

Mermaid Costume and Accessories

The key in making a really great looking Mermaid costume is the embellishment. Ornamenting it with accessories that looks as if it came under the sea is the best adornment that you can do to the Mermaid costume. You can put flowers barrettes all over the hair or chain shells together and crown it on your head. You can use starfish, shells or even colorful flowers as earrings.

You can create necklaces and bracelets of different marine creatures chained together in many different colors and shapes. Pearls are also great options if you want a classic look. You can even use plastic seaweeds to adorn your hair. There are many ways to accessorize this costume. You just need to think sea, water and marine.

Minnie Mouse Costume

minnie mouse costume for toddler-halloween-costume-design-adults-men-girls-homemade-kids
minnie mouse costume for toddler

Is Minnie Mouse Costumeare the perfect costumes for you in this Halloween? Minnie Mouse Costumes are classic. Yes these are not only on the top of the best Halloween costume ideas for this year but also one of the most popular costumes and it is considered one of the Classic Halloween costumes ideas Adult and children alike grew up with the most famous and classis Disney characters. This is the first thing that comes in mind whenever thinking of a fun and cute costume idea for Halloween. Not only does it make you go back to your childhood, but it definitely is a more exciting choice because you get to be dressed with Minnie Mouse Costume in a very cute cartoon character that you always dreamed of.
minnie mouse costume-halloween-costume-design-adults-men-girls-homemade-kids
minnie mouse costume

Minnie Mouse Costume – Disney Characters

Getting ready for Halloween is very easy because of the wide variety of Disney characters to choose from. There are fun characters available both for boys and girls alike. These costumes are also designed for young kids and small adults. It is just a matter of wearing it the right way and making the whole get up fit your personality.

For the fun loving girls out there, the Minnie Mouse costume is the suitable choice for you. Mostly available n pink or red, the Minnie Mouse costume makes you feel young and cute at the same time. This is a no fail costume as it is very easy to recognize. It is not hard to portray since there are just very little things that you need to keep in mind.

Available in baby’s sizes, the Minnie Mouse costume looks very charming on your little girl if you wish to take her trick or treating. She will surely gather plenty of treats because this costume will make her look like the actual doll. The infant Minnie Mouse costume usually associated as the clubhouse costumes comes in a full pink polka dotted short dress. It also comes with mouse ear headband that is made comfortable to avoid icky feelings on your baby. Pair this with tiny doll shoes. Also, you can make your baby girls carry along an adorable Mickey Mouse stuffed toy to serve as her Halloween partner.

Minnie Mouse Costume – Costumes for teens

For the young girls, more Minnie Mouse costume choices are made available that comes in different kinds of fabric. For a more casual look, there are available costumes in shirt type with a nice Minnie Mouse print at the front. There is also a cheer leader version of the Minnie Mouse costume that goes with tiny pompoms as props. The skirt is made with light fabric in pink and white. It is also pleated to create a different look than your usual Minnie Mouse costume. For the teens, more stylish Minnie Mouse costumes are made available for the young and fresh personality of girls. You have an option to take the blouse type in princess cut. There are also costumes exactly made like the costume of Minnie Mouse It is both available in pink and red, with a matching mouse ears head band.

Since young girls are not yet that used to wearing heels, it is nice to wear white knee-high socks with a flimsy pair of black doll shoes.

Ninja Costume

Is Ninja Costume are the perfect costumes for you in this Halloween? Ninja costume are classic. Yes these are not only on the top of the best Halloween costume ideas for this year but also one of the most popular costumes and it is considered one of the Classic Halloween costumes ideas. For starter, you should know that ninjas are not a very friendly character. They are mostly portrayed in movies and literature as the bad guys; killers, kidnappers and assassins are what they are. Although no one can really tell if they really do exist, it is amusing to know that these legendary figures originated from Japan. They are popularized by their incredible fighting skills and the ability to work undetected leaving no traces of being in a place where they have accomplished their task. They are fearful and fearless. They can be invisible if they wanted to; in some cases, they are known to have the ability to fly.Ninja Costume and CharacterBut still, a ninja costume is cool! Foremost, the ninja costume exudes mysteriousness. Since only your eyes are shown, there can be a lot of guessing before people will really find out who is underneath those piles of fabric wearing a ninja costume. You can ask people to make guesses before you reveal yourself to them. That can be fun. And if you just want to blend with the background, you need not make any effort since nobody will probably know who you are hiding under the ninja costume.

Since a ninja costume is one of those costumes that you really need to go to great lengths to really pull it off, you can easily come around with the character. It will be easy to really feel like a ninja when you are wearing a ninja costume. Since the ninja costume, to really look nice, needs a complete package, getting into the character is very easy. You can really make people feel that a ninja is in the party by really working it out to portray that ninja appeal.Ninja Costume – Right costume for youIt does not necessarily mean that you need to slaughter the entire party guests to be able to portray your ninja look. Since costume parties are meant for people to come lose and thresh out all inhibitions by portraying someone else, by becoming a ninja, you can take off your personality and play around with the idea that you are a ninja. It simply means that since you are not you anymore, but a fearless ninja, you can easily mingle with other guests. If you are the shy type, the ninja costume will be the right costume for you.

Although a ninja costume is a pretty strong character costume, the idea of wearing an all-black costume might bore some people. If you intend to use this as a kid costume or intend to wear it in a high-fashion type of party, you might want to hip it up a bit by making the ninja costume more colorful and trendy. You can experiment with different colors or put brightly-colored accessorise to lessen the stiffness of the costume. You can wear other pieces of clothing that can somehow soften the look of your ninja costume.

Peacock Costume

Is Peacock Costume are the perfect costumes for you in this Halloween? Peacock costume are classic. Yes these are not only on the top of the best Halloween costume ideas for this year but also one of the most popular costumes and it is considered one of the Classic Halloween costumes ideas There are already a lot of the usual animal costumes one can wear to a Halloween party, so why not be a guaranteed standout in a shocking peacock costume? Just like the animal it is patterned after, women who would don a peacock costume will surely catch the attention of all the people around her. Funnily enough though, in the animal world, the bold and colorful peacock with large feathers is actually the male of the species!Peacock Costume – Style and Design for all AgesThose pressed for time for a costume to wear to a last-minute themed event or Halloween party can conveniently order a get-up such as a peacock costume right on the Internet. There are a lot of online sites that provide nice and affordable costumes such as a peacock costume. They even provide the convenience of door-to-door delivery. For ladies, the usual design for a peacock costume is composed of a body suit or bathing suit-type of main garment in an attractive color such as turquoise. A fabric cape, designed with colorful panels resembling feathers, is attached at the back. This cape can be quilted and stiffened a bit for it to stand up straight—very much like the big plume of colorful feathers of an actual peacock.There is even a cute peacock costume design for children and babies. Infants would look especially cute in such a miniature peacock costume. These types of peacock costume are usually full bodysuits with attached fabric feathers in a rainbow of colors.

Parents need not worry about the safety of their children because a peacock costume for kids is usually made of soft cloth with padding and quilting for extra comfort.For adults, there is a spectacular design of a peacock costume made with real peacock feathers! This is a showstopper of a dress that will surely make the wearer the center of attention in any party.

This type of peacock costume utilizes the same body suit or bathing suit base, but decorated with glamorous sequins and sparkles. The wearer can also opt to wear a nice big cap decorated with large plumes of peacock feathers. The overall effect of this kind of peacock costume is that of a glamorous Vegas showgirl.Peacock Costume and Accessories

Those on a budget may want to make their own peacock costume from scratch. It’s not that difficult to do given the right tools, materials, and some creativity. One can buy a plain bodysuit or bathing suit and decorate it with sequins using a glue gun. Peacock feathers and other types of plumes are easily available in craft stores. Other accessories such as shoes and jewelry should also be embellished to match the peacock look. Another good place to find inexpensive costumes is flea markets or garage sales. Other types of animal costumes could also be modified or altered to become a peacock costume.

Pocahontas Costume

Is Pocahontas Costume are the perfect costumes for you in this Halloween? Pocahontas costume are classic. Yes these are not only on the top of the best Halloween costume ideas for this year but also one of the most popular costumes and it is considered one of the Classic Halloween costumes ideas. Since Pocahontas is a very popular literary figure, creating her look is very easy. People all over the world will definitely recognized a Pocahontas look even from afar. Essentially, a Pocahontas look is a commercialized American Indian look. As such, this costume will more or less include items that can be found on most American Indian costumes.Pocahontas Costume – Costume is more realisticA genuine Pocahontas costume is inclined to be very brownish. All of the major items from headdress to sandals and clothes will have the shade of brown as the primary color. This can look very plain if not matched with colorful accessories. In wearing this costume, you can have a tendency to blend with the background if you are not able to adorn this with accessories that are bold and colorful.

The good thing about an American Indian look, in general, is they have a huge assortment of colorful jewelries and accessories that you can use to make your Pocahontas costume exemplify. Since an American Indian look is essentially define by its humbleness and frugality, using materials like woods, beads, feathers and colorful threads to embellish your costume is more realistic.

A Pocahontas costume is normally matched with a forehead band with feathers and beads. If you have a long hair or intends to wear a wig, wear it in small braids and put ribbons and tassels to secure these braids. You can string beads and woods to use as necklace and bracelets. Beads and tassels should also be part of the Pocahontas costume dress. Perhaps the signature Pocahontas piece is the laced up sandals. These can really seal your to really look great.

For a much trendier Pocahontas costume, you can play around in different bright colors like yellow and red. You just need to maintain the classic Pocahontas costume cut so as not to confuse people of who is it that you are trying to imitate. For a safer version, you can get a lighter shade of brown as your base color for the dress and highlight it with a dark brown lining.Pocahontas Costume – Create a Sexier VersionThere are many ways to create a good looking Pocahontas costume. You can even create a sexier version by making the skirt higher and losing the sleeves. Some people prefer to make a tube top design for a hotter look. Getting a genuine looking bow and arrow can really finish off the Pocahontas costume in flying colors.

Perhaps the best thing in wearing a Pocahontas costume is that you are representing a really wonderful character and the convenience of wearing a truly comfortable dress. Unlike high-profile costumes that are heavily adorned with piles of fabrics and accessories, a Pocahontas costume is really light. You can be assured that even if you are in a costume, you can still enjoy the party since the costume you are wearing does not need much maintenance. You can hop around all night and not feel tired at all.

Poison Ivy Costume

Is Poison Ivy Costume are the perfect costumes for you in this Halloween? Poison Ivy costume are classic. Yes these are not only on the top of the best Halloween costume ideas for this year but also one of the most popular costumes and it is considered one of the Classic Halloween costumes ideas. There are only a number of female villains and the hero who is lucky or unlucky enough to deal with these beautiful villainesses is the Dark Knight, Batman. One of the most dangerous female villainesses controls plants, a very cruel Mother Nature; it is the one and only Poison Ivy. Go green this Halloween and wear a poison ivy costume.Poison Ivy Costume – Wear daring costumesTo get started with this poison ivy costume, you will need a leotard in both lime and leaf green. The original poison ivy costume is green from head to toe. You have to look like a plant if you want to control plants. The poison ivy costume leotard will need a leaf inspired bodice that will give emphasis to your figure. The poison ivy costume also needs some green vine arm warmers.

To complete this original poison ivy costume, you will need some green boots that has leaf ivy boot tops. And don’t forget your red wig when wearing this poison ivy costume. But if you want to deviate from the original poison ivy costume and look more daring than the original, you may do so as well. For a different poison ivy costume, you still have to wear green from head to toe. Green is the poison ivy costume trademark.

Try wearing an artificial suede lime mini-dress that is zipped at the back. The dress should have lime green trim with green organza underlay and some ivy trimmings. You might want to include some ivy leaves headpiece with this poison ivy costume. You need to wear a pair of lime green sleeves and a pair of lime green stockings. You can wear a pair of doll shoes with this poison ivy costume.

Poison Ivy Costume and Accessories

For both poison ivy costumes, you may need plants as accessory. You can have some flowers with you or to look more sexy in this costume, you can make a poison ivy boa complete with leaves and vines. Just make sure that you will not be suffocated by all the plant accessories that you have. A good advice for the makeup that you will wear while wearing this poison ivy costume is that you have to wear dark makeup more likely green makeup.

Yes, green: green lipstick, green eye shadow, if you want to really become Poison Ivy, wear green contact lenses as well. A very good reference, if you want to make sure that you got the original poison ivy costume down to the smallest detail, is the movie Batman and Robin where you have Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy. If you want to perm your wig or your hair to the exact hair of Poison Ivy, you might want to watch the movie.

Princess Leia Costume

Is Princess Leia Costume are the perfect costumes for you in this Halloween? Princess Leia costume are classic. Yes these are not only on the top of the best Halloween costume ideas for this year but also one of the most popular costumes and it is considered one of the Classic Halloween costumes ideas. Princess Leia is probably one of the most iconic characters of the Star Wars movies. Her intricately lopped braids and elegant white gown is one of a futuristic fashion that exudes sophistication and forward. Halloween is that time of the year when we can all have an excuse to have an outrageous and bizarre costume. What better way to celebrate Halloween with elegance and sophistication than a princess Leia costume. If you want a costume that will make heads turn then a princess Leia costume is what you should definitely be wearing.Princess Leia Costume – Center of AttentionThe Star Wars movies are probably the most successful movie of all time. Though the movie has already ended years ago, it has continuously been gaining supporters from all over the world. One part of the whole Star Wars phase that people were mesmerized about were the set of characters.

It has some of the most unforgettable and memorable characters of all time such as r2d2, Darth Vader, Queen Amidala, and Princess Leia. The characters are well-thought of very creative thus the movie captivated lots of fans. If you want to captivate many hearts on Halloween then why not don a princess Leia costume. With a princess Leia costume you are sure to have an excellent time and be the center of attention.

Princess Leia Costume – Numerous Design

For all of you who have watched the film, you very well know that Princess Leia was not seen in only one design of clothing. Like her, you have many choices of princess Leia costume out there depending on which look you want to portray and what experience of Princes Leia you want to convey. There are numerous designs of princess Leia costume that will suit your preferred style and discriminating taste.Princess Leia Costume and AccessoriesThere are many accessories you can wear to add more detail to your princess Leia costume. The most important and head turning of the entire princess Leia costume is the delicately twirled cinnamon bun she has. If you want the complete Princess Leia look, you have to master her locks. You can also add a silver belt for that futuristic feel to your outfit. A silver belt is that sits just about the waist is a Princess Leia essential but if you don’t have a silver one, a black belt will do the trick. We all know that Princess Leia is a fighter so adding a blaster will make your princess Leia costume more like the real Princess Leia. These blasters or guns are very easy to make and imitate, all you need is a piece of metal that resembles the shape of a gun in the shade of silver and black. And to finish off the whole princess Leia costume you can choose to wear your clunkiest and chunkiest white boots. The whole futuristic theme in fashion mostly revolves around the color white and silver but if you don’t have any a black one will always be great substitute.

Skeleton Costumes

Is Skeleton Costumes are the perfect costumes for you in this Halloween? Skeleton costumes are classic. Yes these are not only on the top of the best Halloween costume ideas for this year but also one of the most popular costumes and it is considered one of the Classic Halloween costumes ideas. Halloween is one of most wonderful times of the year. For children, it rivals even the time-honored tradition of Christmas: while the December holidays are often spent with the family, October brings forth the time where children can hang out with their friends and explore the thrills and chills of the night. Candy, decors, scary lawn fixtures – these elements make that final night of October the perfect night for children looking for adventure and while having fun with their pals at the same time. Indeed, Halloween, like Christmas, has become a time of celebration that children look forward to.Skeleton Costumes – The most Iconic FigureOne of the main reasons for kids to enjoy Halloween are the costumes that they get to wear during this special night. New Year’s Eve does not afford this liberty – neither do the other holidays. Halloween, on the other hand, allows children to pick the costume they want to wear most.

Be it superhero, monster, or magical entity, this holiday celebrates the freedom of a child to become the character they want to be. However, sometimes time constraints prevent children from finishing their costume in time. In such cases, the concerned parent must always be ready with a useful and classy costume that is affordable, frightening, and beautifully made at the same time.

Consider the skeleton, one of the most iconic figures in Halloween tradition: as minions of witches or denizens of graveyard tombs, the skeleton’s thin, foreboding demeanor has become popular in tales of Halloween, as well as in scary attractions in theme parks.

The appeal of the skeleton comes mainly from its biological quality – humans of flesh and blood can associate themselves with the skeleton, as it represents not only a part of their own bodies, but also the approach of death.Skeleton Costumes – Cleverly Sewn DesignsToday, this inherent fear has been transformed into an entity of childhood spooks, represented through skeleton costumes. Skeleton costumes are often made through cleverly sewn designs as well as varying degrees of intricacy and detail. Some skeleton costumes have been created to black out the surrounding areas of the wearer’s body, making the skeletal pattern more prominent in detail. Other skeleton costumes go for a more authentic feel, attaching three-dimensional replicas of bones in order to produce the skeletal effect. Others have preferred a more artistic approach to their skeleton costumes, preferring a bone-themed design for shirts and shorts as opposed to the traditional bodysuit form for skeleton costumes.

Obtaining a skeleton costume for Halloween has many advantages, one of which is its capacity to act as a contingency costume. Because of its general connection to Halloween, kids will always have a spare skeleton costume handy for emergency costume changes.

Another advantage of a skeleton costume is its economy – since skeleton costumes are made from a simple design and from one or two-part costume sets, accessories and props need no be a problem. Lastly, skeleton costumes are also very iconic – any kindly trick-or-treater will instantly recognize the bare-bones features of the skeleton costume, making it easy to identify, as well as eliminating the need for awkward answers to the question, “What are you supposed to be?”

Snooki Costume

Is Snooki Costume are the perfect costumes for you in this Halloween? Snooki costumes are classic. Yes these are not only on the top of the best Halloween costume ideas for this year but also one of the most popular costumes and it is considered one of the Classic Halloween costumes ideas. If you are a great fan of MTV’s famous TV show Jersey Shore, then, you definitely are dying to score the best Snooki costume this Halloween. Her sexy, voluptuous, and trendy style is a sure hit this Halloween.

If you are someone on the heavier side, or if you have a voluptuous body, the Snooki costume should really fit you well. As the famous character in Jersey Shore dares to be sexy and sensual, you can definitely pull a Snooki costume off this Halloween, or even for a themed party. There is no way you can wow the crowd especially the boys once you appear sizzling hot in this Snooki costume.Snooki Costume – Personality PerfectSnooki’s personality is full of confidence and she indeed is ready to score a really hot and cute tanned guy. If you seek for the same thrill, get ready and find the perfect Snooki costume that suits you best. There are a lot of fun styles to choose from. Just be sure to put on those push up bras to perfectly match your Snooki costume.

One of the most famous Snooki costume or dresses is her animal print tight tube mini dress. It fits perfectly on the waist up until the hips. And to cap that Snooki vibe, be sure to pair it with a cute shrug or bolero. Check the fabric of the dress and choose those that fall on the stretchy side like nylon and cotton. These types of material hug to the body perfectly. When it comes to your Snooki costume choose a print that matches your skin tone as well. Picking the right color will accentuate the sexiness that you are trying to portray.Snooki Costume – Animal PrintAnother option is to go for a corset animal print top paired with nice fitted minis. This will still grab the Snooki look but more personalized. Complete your outfit by looking a little hip hop in big hoop earrings, dashing make up, and a nice beret hat. This is another way of pulling off the Snooki costume this Halloween.

As animal print was truly made famous by Snooki’s character, you can still opt for plainer option if you are the minimalist type. Pick out a simple and hot tube dress of Snooki Costume that would flatter your curves. A halter dress or a v – neck dress may also be an option. Just see to it that it has a plunging neckline as to keep your look very close to Snooki’s look.

Do not forget to dress Snooki costume all up with flaunting stilettos in crystal high heels. Or make it even loveable with pointy platforms that would surely go with any dress of your choice. Finish the Snooki costume looks up with a dashing hairstyle. Simply add volume to your hair using a strong hair spray to create a plump effect. Be very sexy with a glamorous makeup and the perfect plum lipstick.

Snow White Costume

Is Snow White Costume are the perfect costumes for you in this Halloween? Snow White costume are classic. Yes these are not only on the top of the best Halloween costume ideas for this year but also one of the most popular costumes and it is considered one of the Classic Halloween costumes ideas. Fairy Tales have played a vital role in honing and enhancing the development of a child’s imagination. We are all too familiar with characters such as Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty. These characters are a great part of our childhood. They all made us dream of a prince charming coming to rescue us and fall in true love. Reading fairy tales allowed us to live our dreams and hopes of a lovely future with our designated prince charming. Halloween is one time of the year where we can relive our fairy tale moments and tell the world our own fairy tale adventure. One very popular costume of a fairy tale character is snow white costume. Snow White represents an innocent and pure heart thus a snow white costume is mostly used by children who also has a pure and innocent heart. A snow white costume is the best choice for someone who wants to feel like a princess and be beautiful.Snow White Costume – Available for all AgesSnow white has a natural raven hair, ruby lips, and fair white complexion. If you plan on wearing a snow white costume on Halloween, don’t forget to wear such accessories and make-up for that complete innocent, princess-like vibe of Snow White. If you don’t have an idea of how exactly does Snow White’s costume looks like, you can always watch the Disney animated film. A snow white costume is available for all ages and sizes and anyone can look great and be princess-y with a snow white costume. From petite toddlers to plus size adults, a snow white costume is the sweetest of all princess costumes. The dress’s bodice is colored with royal blue, the royal blue puff sleeves are striped with red cloth, and the yellow skirt is satiny and luxurious with full volume.

As Snow White is a princess, your snow white costume should be long enough to resemble a princess’ gown but for toddlers, make sure that it isn’t too long that would make your child trip and slip on her dress.Snow White Costume and AccessoriesIf you prefer to go all out princess-y as Snow White, there are accessories you can add to your snow white costume. You can add a velvet choker and a red velvet headband in contrast with your pale white complexion and raven black hair. The shoes to match your snow white costume can either be red or black, depending on which you prefer. If the party involves a lot of walking and dancing opt for flatter shoes for comfort, but if not, then pumps will be pretty much the best choice. If you are going to a party in a group, you can ask one of your friends to dress up as Prince Charming and wow the crowd as a couple. And then ask one, to dress up as the evil queen.

If you have friends who have yet to come up with a costume, maybe you can ask them to dress up as the seven dwarfs. Now you have the complete Snow White fairy tale and be able to relive the magical moments the story let us experience.

Stormtrooper Costumes


Is Stormtrooper Costumes are the perfect costumes for you in this Halloween? Stormtrooper costumes are classic. Yes these are not only on the top of the best Halloween costume ideas for this year but also one of the most popular costumes and it is considered one of the Classic Halloween costumes ideas. Star Wars is a film franchise that has made believers of fans and moviegoers from around the world. George Lucas’ masterpiece of a world torn by imperial tyranny and the rebels destined to save it has become a pop culture classic since the 1977 film; A New Hope was released in theaters. Since then, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia Organa, Darth Vader, and the literal universe of characters and species have made a beloved universe for fans of all ages and walks of life. The Star Wars world is full of innovative vehicles, fast-paced lightsaber battles, and fighter jet skirmishes, made possible by the warriors on the sides of the heroic Rebellion, and the villainous Sith Empire.

Stormtrooper Costumes – Popular Characters

The Star Wars franchise’s popularity can be attributed to the cast of characters that it has featured throughout the years. The ill-fated, slow-to-the-draw Greedo, the iconic Admiral Ackbar, and the traitor-turned-Rebel Alliance member Lando Calrissian have become popular and highly quoted characters in the series. Because of their highly popular characteristics and back-stories the moments of many of the minor characters in the franchise have made Star Wars not only memorable, but also highly re-watchable. One of the most familiar characters in the Star Wars franchise is the Stormtrooper. The legion of Stormtroopers is the grunt force behind the Sith Empire, and are commanded by Darth Vader, Grand Moff Tarkin, and the Emperor of the Sith. Originally appearing in the first movie of the franchise, the Stormtroopers served as minor foils, eventually proving no match for the alliance of Jedi-in-training Luke Skywalker and smooth-talking pilot Han Solo.

However, the sleek design of the Stormtrooper battle uniform, as well as its fearsome helmets, combine with its plain white surface to create a stylish design that is both simple and terrifying.

Today, any aspiring Star Wars fan can obtain a Stormtrooper costume. Thanks to the popularity of the movies, Stormtrooper costumes have become a good choice for any sci-fi or comic convention, costume party, or Halloween trick-or-treating adventure. These Stormtrooper costumes vary in price and quality, bringing forth a series of options. For kids, a child’s Stormtrooper costume can be perfect for a night getting candy, while the consummate Star Wars fan will enjoy the details and features of a high-quality, heavy-duty Stormtrooper costume.Stormtrooper Costumes – Quite hassle-freeNot only are Stormtrooper costumes iconic representations of a beloved saga, but the varying quality of the Stormtrooper costumes available today can yield other benefits. For instance, a good Stormtrooper costume can help a Star Wars fan win cosplay contests. Others can use the Stormtrooper costume for plays and theatrical performances.

Furthermore, Stormtrooper costumes are also perfect for Halloween costume parties, which welcome movie costumes in addition supernaturally-themed ensembles. A Stormtrooper costume is also quite hassle-free: no more gluing pieces of cardboard together to create wings, or working with papier mache to create a ‘genuine’ hide – the streamlined Stormtrooper costume evokes a sense of belonging, while at the same time displaying one’s interest in the minor characters of the series.

Tinkerbell Costume

Is Tinkerbell Costume are the perfect costumes for you in this Halloween? Tinkerbell costume are classic. Yes these are not only on the top of the best Halloween costume ideas for this year but also one of the most popular costumes and it is considered one of the Classic Halloween costumes ideas. Ever dreamed of going to Never Land and joining the Lost Boys? Or you just want to fly side by side Peter Pan? Or have you always wanted to be a little pixie? Then why not surround yourself with the Lost Boys and wear a Tinkerbell costume for this Halloween.Tinkerbell Costume – Fantasy for a little whileAnother Disney classic inspired costume is the Tinkerbell costume. I think we are all guilty of dreaming about going to Never Land once when we were young. We wished that somehow someone’s shadow would get into our room and would soon find out that it belongs to Peter Pan himself. Then as a sign of gratitude of sewing his shadow back to himself, he would offer a tour to Never Land where we would finally decide to permanently live there and to never age again. We would be forever young. Or probably the lure of being in a little pixie dress and having wings pulled us of wanting to meet Peter Pan. But the sad reality that we have to face is that Peter Pan will never visit our nursery and he will never bring us to Never Land. At least we can live that fantasy for a little while by wearing a Tinkerbell costume.Tinkerbell Costume – Popular CharacterThe Tinkerbell costume is another simple costume that will definitely make your night magical. To start with your Tinkerbell costume, you need to wear a strapless green mini-dress. The dress of the Tinkerbell costume has to have a petal skirt. And you definitely need a pair of fairy wings for this Tinkerbell costume. As for the footwear that you have to wear with this Tinkerbell costume, a pair of open-toed high heels will do just fine. But if you really want to embrace the character of being a fairy, then you should wear a pair of ballet shoes for this Tinkerbell costume. Your Tinkerbell costume is now complete! Now for your hair, you might want to buy a short shoulder length blond wig if you are not blond. You do not want to buy a wig that is very long because it is unnecessary. Tinkerbelle has a short hair. Then you just have to tie the wig into a bun behind you to complete the Tinkerbelle look.Tinkerbell Costume – Dress-up as a FairyThis Tinkerbell costume will look good in any party. It is not limited to Halloween parties; you can also wear this if your child is going to have a fairy themed birthday party. You and your daughter can both dress-up as a fairy. But if you plan on wearing this costume with the family this Halloween, then you can put your son in a Peter Pan costume or any of the Lost Boys’ costumes. It will look so cute to carry your child around the neighborhood wearing an animal mascot for his costume. But if you have a daughter you can also make her wear a Tinkerbell costume with you or she might prefer wearing a nightgown like Wendy. As for your hubby, you can make him wear a Peter Pan costume so that you would look good as a couple.

Wonder Woman Costume

Wonder Woman Costumes-halloween-costume-design-adults-men-girls-homemade-kids
Wonder Woman Costumes
Is Wonder Woman Costume are the perfect costumes for you in this Halloween? Wonder Woman costumes are classic. Yes these are not only on the top of the best Halloween costume ideas for this year but also one of the most popular costumes and it is considered one of the Classic Halloween costumes ideas. One of the most famous costume choices for Halloween is the Justice League theme. Be it Superman, Green Lantern, Hawkman, Martian Man Hunter, The Flash, Aqua Man, or Wonder Woman, it is a sure bet for all your costume party choices.Wonder Woman Costume – Popular CharactersDefinitely, the first thing that comes to mind of girls when talking about Justice League is Wonder Woman. Her Amazon looks, yet very sexy is what girls like most about her. She is a true super hero but still carrying a very feminine vibe to her personality. As one of the most famous female comic book super hero, Wonder Woman is a true wanna be for the Halloween. Capture the perfect Wonder Woman costume by fully researching on the original outfit of the character. Because of her popularity over time and even decades, variety of the Wonder Womancostume designs has evolved. Her costumes have been redesigned and redefined depending on the era that kept it famous. Over the years, the intricacies have changed, thus leaving her special trademarks such as her head gear and her wrist bands.

This Halloween, dress in blue, red, and yellow to exactly depict your chosen Wonder Womancostume. If you dare to be feisty and sexy, choose the corset type over all costume that looks like a bathing suit. It accentuates the bust area creating a nice form to lift your cleavage. The Wonder Womancostume is nice with skin tone stockings if you are not that comfortable in wearing it all bare.Wonder Woman Costume – Ideal costumes for womenIf you are more of the conservative type, dress up like the 60’s Wonder Woman version in fitted tights and long sleeved jump suit. It goes well with the trademark wrist band with star accents. Also, do not forget to wear its very popular headdress as proof of your chosen character. Wear knee high boots to make the look even sexier even with an al covered up Wonder Woman costume jump suit. Another option is to simply depict the gist of the Wonder Woman costume such as a red top, blue bottom, yellow stars and knee high boots. This is one way of making the costume simpler and a more practical way of putting things all together. You can always choose to improvise to make your life easier. If you happen to have bright blue electro pleated skirt, you can make it look more like a hero by decorating the skirt with detachable silver stars.

Last but not the least, do not forget to accessorize the best way you know how. Either improvised or already part of your purchased Wonder Woman costume, do not forget to look flawless in nude tights or stockings. Wear killer heels or high cut boots to depict the look of Wonder Woman. Get ready with a cute head band with her trade mark star of Wonder Woman Costume. Also, ready your whole ensemble with star cuffs to top off the whole outfit.

Zombie Costume

Is Zombie Costume are the perfect costumes for you in this Halloween? Zombie costume are classic. Yes these are not only on the top of the best Halloween costume ideas for this year but also one of the most popular costumes and it is considered one of the Classic Halloween costumes ideas. Many people love Halloween because they have an excuse to scare people and have great, fun spooky nights. For some people, they hate Halloween for the same reason. Whether you love Halloween or hate it, we all celebrate and somehow enjoy the occasion. People who do celebrate Halloween are always anxious on what to wear for the event. If you want to live the scary vibe of the event, a zombie costume will surely have your friends and family screaming in fright.Zombie Costume – Entire Outfit so Scary and RealZombies, ghosts, and mythical creatures have long been associated with Halloween. It is believed that such lurk around the earth on the eve of Halloween to spread fright and terror all over the world. If you are going for a scary vibe and would like to scare people out, a zombie costume will surely deliver the result. A zombie costume is overflowing with blood and gore that will surely make you the most frightening one on Halloween.

Most zombie costume is so realistic that if it you were to make a Hollywood scary film, you will surely pass as the main zombie of the movie. There are many shops that sell zombie costume which includes torn, ripped, soiled, and drowning in blood clothes that make the whole zombie costume scarier than other costumes.To get the complete zombie costume look, you will need the help of your make-up. Makeup specifically made of elaborate events and for special effects are also sold in many stores complete with instructions on how to achieve a certain look. Of course, you may opt to do your own thing with make-up to your preferred degree of scariness. A complete zombie costume is never without fake blood dripping from your forehead made from ketchup of red paint.

Another zombie costume effect you can do on Halloween to make yourself look so spookily real is the 3D effect. Some costumes you will see have sewn protruding bones and oozing flesh to make it seem like you are someone from the dead with decaying body already. These added accessories on a zombie costume make the entire outfit so scary and real.

Other accessories you can add to tell people how you became a zombie is nail less hands to tell that you clawed your way up back to earth from the grave. You can also add bite marks all over your body or draw what seems like torn out flesh to tell that you have been a feast to some zombie.Zombie Costume – Ideal Costume for Men and WomenThough a zombie costume is for the most part made for men, women can be innovative if they want to don a zombie costume on Halloween. Women are known to want to look good all the time even on Halloween so to make a zombie costume work for women without going through the trouble of elaborate and unsightly looking costumes, they can wear a form-fitting dress which are ripped on the hemline and above the bust line and make the make-up work to your desired gore and fright. With the appropriate make-up, women need not go all out spooky with the zombie costume.

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