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Zombie from the Undead Walking the World

The classic zombie movie that set the standard for all others. George Romero’s shoestring budget masterpiece from 1968 is still a cult classic. “They’re coming to get you, Barbara!”  This zombie movie scared me so much I had to go to the bathroom several times while watching it.

This is a must have on any Zombie movie list. It grossed almost 60 million dollars. Check the chart below.

This Universal Studios classic starring Bela Lugosi, from 1932, still has its place today among the greats. This is a Bela Lugosi vintage creepy classic movie if there ever was one!  I enjoy many of his movies in my horror collection.

A great zombie flick from the House of Hammer, this one still gives me chills every time I watch it. It was produced in 1966. Black magic is used to create an army of zombie miners by a greedy local squire.  This is one of those plots you will remember.

 I Walked with a Zombie / The Body Snatcher (Horror Double Feature)

This 1943 motion picture is one of producer Val Lewton’s classics. Set in the tropical West Indies, voodoo abounds, and trouble ensues.I like this video because it is a double features. Body snatchers are also included. That one still haunts me today.

This is fun romp through a haunted castle on an island filled with the living dead. It features zombies and other ghoulies. Produced by Universal Studios, in 1940. Starring Bob Hope and Paulette Goddard. I am a big fan of zombie and Bob Hope. mmmmmm

This oldie, but goody takes place on a plane destined for the Bahamas, that somehow gets off course. The people on the plane end up surrounded by zombies. This Poverty Row flick from 1941 is a great hoot!

This one is a 12-episode serial from 1952. Zombies convince a scientist to make a hydrogen bomb capable of blowing Earth out of its orbit. Typical of films from the atom bomb scare period in history. This one is great fun! I don’t know about you, but I have always enjoyed a great serial from bygone times  So get the bowl of popcorn out and soda and sit back for an evening of fun with the zombie and the atomic bomb.

This great schlock film is Ed Wood’s sequel to Bride of the Monster. Produced in 1959, this movie is a fun B-movie romp if you are looking for a few or more than a few chuckles. Pop some popcorn for this one, you’re going to need it!  Don’t forget the soda as well or make some zombie juice.

 The Last Man on Earth – In COLOR! 

Also Includes the Original Black-and-White Version which has been Beautifully Restored and Enhanced!

This great movie based on Richard Matheson’s novel, “I Am Legend”. Produced in 1964, it features Vincent Price as a man trying to survive the after effects of a worldwide pandemic that turns people into zombies. I loved the book, and really enjoy Price’s portrayal of the survivor. This was remade in 2007 under the original book title (see below)

This movie, based on Richard Matheson’s book of the same title starred Will Smith in the title role which was previously played by Vincent Price (see above). Great movie. I really enjoyed watching it. I bought this and watch it every Halloween or play it at our zombie parties.

Icons of Horror Collection: Sam Katzman (The Giant Claw / Creature with the Atom Brain / Zombies of Mora Tau / The Werewolf)

This movie, made in 1957, is about zombies that guard a sunken treasure and protect it from greedy salvage crews.

Zombieland (2-Disc “Nut Up or Shut Up” Edition) [Blu-ray]

ZombieLand is the highest grossing zombie movie of all times. This is a must have for any zombie movie collection but well worth it.

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