Transformers Optimus Prime costumes


Optimus Prime Roll Out Autobots, Transform For Halloween!  

Transformers Optimus Prime costumes will be in heavy demand this Halloween. Each Summer we carefully review the movies that have been released in the theatres and keep tabs on those that will release in September/October. Why? Because this usually tells us what Halloween costumes will be the most popular with kids. Being a parent myself, I know how important this information can be when trying to prepare for the festivities surrounding October 31st.

transformers prime optimus prime
transformers prime Optimus prime

The mass hysteria already surrounding this costume comes as no surprise since the second installment of the Transformers popular movie franchise has just been in theatres and is fresh on the minds of young boys who wish to become powerful, transforming robots! As usual, the most popular costumes of the Halloween season follow the trends set by the box office hits at the movies, and Optimus Prime costumes are no exception to this rule of thumb.

While looking for the best Transformers Optimus Prime costumes, I found that there are two different costume designs offered this year. The first Transformer Optimus Prime costume is focused on younger boys with its animated appearance and soft design. The second is more of a movie-quality costume and looks to be focused towards middle aged boys with its red and blue jumpsuit, wearable arm canon, and helmet.

If you child is leaning towards this costume, you will probably want to start looking now because this hot item will probably sell out before October. As with any child’s Halloween costume, it’s probably a good idea to adhere some reflective tape on either one of these costumes to keep your little robot safe while trick or treating or playing outside in the dark.

Transformers Optimus Prime costumes

Fun Optimus Prime Costumes For Kids

One of the famous and most remarkable movies in English film history is transformers. People of every age like this movie and its sequel. I am sure you also know about the movie and its one of the focal characters Optimus Prime.

Transformers Optimus Prime costumes
Transformers Optimus Prime costumes

He appears in the movie with holographic projection maps and optic blasts to destroy the enemy. Many people recognize Optimus Prime as the best virtual hero in cyber town. Children are also great fans of Optimus Prime. They often like to wear their favorite hero’s outfit on Halloween.  If you are tensed about dress selection for your child on Halloween, then an  Optimus Prime Halloween Costume may be the best option for you. 

Now there is a question that, from where you can get an Optimus Prime Costume?  Here at optimus prime costume ideas, There are many Optimus Prime Costumes with various designs and features. it is one of the most favorite costumes among children.

Whatever, children like to wear the costume of their favorite superhero!  Every child wants to be their favorite character. Just think about your childhood. Didn’t you want to be your favorite character when you were a child?
Transformers Optimus Prime costumes
Transformers Optimus Prime costumes

So give your child a chance to make his dream true! When your child puts on this Optimus Prime Costume on Halloween evening he will feel great power of joy. So, try to get an Optimus Prime Costume for your child for a very memorable Halloween this year!

Hasbro’s line of Transformers toys has been popular among American children since they were introduced in 1984. Of course, with the release of 2007′s hottest Transformers movie and the 2009 sequel Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, it is not too difficult to understand why the Transformers have gathered such a cult following. Surely, Transformers costumes, whether homemade or purchased from a costume store, are set to be an all-sparkly hit.


Price: $5.95 (Retail $8.57)

Little boys in particular, love playing Optimus Prime. He’s the leader of the Transformers, a small army of robots that fight the evil forces of Decepticon and their leader, Megatron. There have been many incarnations of Optimus Prime, the bravest and more heroic of the Transformers. He was popular in the 1980s and now that Transformers has been remade, the new and improved 21st century Optimus Prime is in hot demand this Halloween.

If you choose to dress up as Optimus Prime you can play the role as leader of the Autobots (The heroic Transformers). The Optimus costumes for children as well as adults are available in classic cartoon animated version and also Transformers:Revenge of the Fallen version.  The most elaborate are the 3-D styles which mimic real mechanical parts.  Then you move down one level to the Deluxe modules which still give you a pretty good look and last is the classic jumpsuit style.  All costumes comes with a character jumpsuit, mask and sculpted chest piece for the Deluxe and 3D styles and printed jumpsuit for the Classic.

Robots rapidly changing shapes and battling it out is the premise of this hugely successful cartoon and movie so it’s hardly surprising that most young boys are desperate to adorn their Transformers costumes and transform into the heroic leader of the Autobots or the little Bumblebee with the big personality this Halloween.

If your child is one of those avid Transformers fans, then he will truly love putting on an Optimus Prime costume on Halloween while he goes out with his friends, trick-or-treating across the neighborhood. 

This costume will truly make him stand out among his peers and you can expect a lot of candies on his basket when he gets back home.

Since Halloween is fast approaching, you might want to stand out and get a second look with this Transformers costume. The only drawback we see is that the jumpsuit is only printed in front and you only get a solid white on the back, though the accessories are durable so it offsets our nitpick.

The leader of the Autobots is Optimus Prime. He leads the Autobots against the evil or bad robots the Decepticons. The Autobots follow the Decepticons to earth after their planet, Cybertron was destroyed from all the robot battles.

As a result, Prime and his Autobots found themselves on Earth, with the Autobots swearing to protect their new planet and the humans they share it with.

Optimus prime is not only the mortal enemy of Megatron but also the leader of the autobots. He leads the Autobots by decisiveness and by example. He was the one who helped win the Great War for the good side, the Autobots!

Optimus Prime is a friend to everyone good, both humans and robots and does his best to protect everyone equally!

Thanks to the release of Transformers 1 and 2, Halloween costumes of Optimus Prime and Transformers have come a long way. The costumes are now considered realistic looking, comfortable and even stylish. Now kids and adults, without too much effort, can dress up like a transformer!

If you are considering a Transformers costume you can choose Autobots or Decepticons. There is definitely a transformers costume out there for your Halloween!

Costumes vary in design from the new aged movie costume to the 80′s classic cartoon costume. The cartoon costume features more grey, red and blue. While the new age costume is much more realistic and looks like the costumes from the two Transformers movies. Be sure to get shoe covers and foam chest blocks to give it a realistic look.

You can create your own costumes if you want. However, if you would prefer very creative costumes, there are a lot of websites that offer readily designed costumes to choose from.
Transformers Optimus Prime costumes 4.5 5 ShoaiB Optimus Prime Roll Out Autobots, Transform For Halloween! Transformers Optimus Prime costumes will be in heavy demand this Halloween. Optimus Prime Roll Out Autobots, Transform For Halloween!   Transformers Optimus Prime costumes will be in heavy demand this Hallowee...