Optimus Prime Costume Idea


Be the hero and compassionate leader of the Autobots in this fun costume! This Optimus Prime Costume Idea  will have you looking like you are ready to Roll Out And Transform! Check Out The Full Range Of Optimus Prime Costumes And More! This Halloween why not be the ruler of the Autobots!,  Dress up in in a  Transformers Optimus Prime Super Deluxe Adult Costume.

Costume features a long sleeve jumpsuit with the red sleeves and matching chest piece. It also comes with the Optimus Prime Costume matching block cuffs and blue gloves, the white pants, red buckle, blue block cuffs for the pants, blue shoe covers, and matching Optimus Prime helmet/mask to complete this super look.

You can be the one that says Autobots Transform! This Halloween. The mighty truck from the planet Cybertron will protect the earth inhabitants from the forces of evil and battle the Decepticons to save mankind.

•     Available in one size fits most adults
•    100% polyester, helmet is plastic
•    Other transformer costumes available including Megatron 
•    Officially licensed Transformers costume

Manufacturers note: Putting newspaper or stuffing material in the arms and legs will help shape the costume to improve the overall look and appearance.

Costume includes a dress featuring the robotic design pretty bodice and metallic blue skirt.The matching leg covers and headpiece along with the red Glo Vettes and silver petticoat, make this Optimus Prime Sexy Costume complete. Roll Out Autobots! Wow, when you show up to the party in this you'll not only be the best looking superhero around but you'll be the envy of all as well.

Released For 2012 Optional accessories include the sexy eaten red adult Heels Or the Super sexy red hot pants for adults and while you are at it be sure and pick up some professional glitter Jel opalescent to complete this sexy ensemble!

•    Does not include shoes

•    Made of polyester
•    Available in Adult Sizes: Small, Medium, and Large.
•    Includes: Dress, Headpiece, Petticoat, Glovettes, Leg Covers.
•    Does not include shoes.
•    This is an officially licensed Transformers product.
•    Made of polyester

This Halloween why not be the good robot, leader of the Autobots who's committed to protecting the universe from the Decepticons, Which is led by Megatron.

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The battle between The Autobots and the Decepticons happens on earth where at all costs Optimus Prime and the Autobots will defend humankind, and preserve freedom from evil. Autobots Transform!

This superhero Optimus Prime Costume makes a great choice for Halloween, the costume includes a blue black and red jumpsuit Robot Mask, cool 3d armor that looks like real robot parts. Roll Out Autobots!

•    Rated 5 stars this costume is an officially licensed Transformers Product. 100% polyester, Comes in sizes Large 10-12, Medium 7-8, Optimus Prime ½ Mask is made of plastic Hand Washable, excellent quality.

Optional accessories include

Also, you know how cool it is to be Optimus Prime! Be a full-fledged warrior to do battle against evil with the Transformers Optimus Prime Movie Sword.And while you're at it why not get the Optimus PrimeTransformers Tatoo Set.

All accessories and more costumes are available at buy costumes why not do all your Halloween shopping here where all prices are second to none. And the quality and customer service can't be beaten anywhere online.Optimus Prime is a favorite character to all. Children are the main fans of Optimus and he is very popular among the adults too. As he is a very popular character, there are lots of products available after his name.Stickers,toys,logos on caps and T-shirts,costumes are some of the products. Optimus  Prime Costumes are very popular among the children for Halloween night. Children like to put on an Optimus Prime costume and the like to act as an earth saver among their friends. It is good to let your child be like Optimus Prime with his virtues.

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Optimus Prime Costume Idea 4.5 5 ShoaiB Optimus Prime Costume Ideas,Optimus Prime Costumes,Optimus Prime Halloween Costume,Transformers Be the hero and compassionate leader of the Autobots in this fun costume! This Optimus Prime Costume Idea  will have you looking like ...