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Adult Halloween Costumes 
Best Halloween Costume Ideas

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When it comes to adult Halloween costumes, the sky is the limit this spooky season! 

The great thing about Halloween, when it comes to adult costumes, is that you can be anyone and anything you want. 

What’s your secret fantasy? 

Who do you dream about being? 

Who’s your hero? 

Maybe you’re feeling a little devilish? 

With the right adult Halloween costumes, all of these dreams can come true, if only for one special night. Isn’t that the point?

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One of the first things to consider when selecting adult Halloween costumes is a price range that fits your particular budget. This is because adult costumes come at all prices from expensive to free. 

It’s possible to purchase a detailed, historically accurate, costume that would look at home in a big budget Hollywood movie. It’s also possible to pull an old sheet over your head, cut out two holes for your eyes, and call it good. 

The choice and direction are entirely up to you. However, one thing to keep in mind is that bigger, more expensive costumes adult Halloween costumes are not necessarily better than less expensive choices. 

Likewise, a cheaper costume is not always the best bet either. What is important is that a costume “fits” both your budget and your personality.

Another important factor to consider when choosing a costume is a comfort. This is something many people overlook. It’s easy to get so excited about the “look” of a particular costume that you forget you're going to have to wear the costume for hours, sometimes in crowded places. Nothing can ruin a really fun Halloween night quicker than an uncomfortable costume. Some adult Halloween costumes look great but are terrible to wear. It’s something to remember when choosing yours. The main thing is to have fun on Halloween. The right adult Halloween costumes can guarantee that this Halloween will be one to remember.

Baby and Toddler Halloween CostumesBest Halloween Costumes

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There are few things more enjoyable than dressing your little one up for Halloween. When you shop for baby and toddler Halloween costumes online, you will find a much wider selection and variety than is available in most retail stores. If you are stuck for ideas, here are some of the most popular costumes.

Classic Halloween

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When someone says the word Halloween, the first images that pop into most minds are pumpkins, ghosts, and witches. These classic Halloween items are all brought to life as an adorable baby and toddler Halloween costumes. You can dress your baby all in orange with a green stem hat and jack-o-lantern face in a pumpkin costume, or you can put your infant in a ghost costume with a white baby bunting and a little white hood. Your toddler will look cute as a button when she wears a witch costume with a pointed hat, striped socks, and carries a broomstick.

Animal Costumes

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There is really nothing cuter than your baby or toddler dressing like a little lion, tiger, monkey, or rabbit. Try a penguin outfit with fins, a red bow tie, and top hat, or opt for a furry bunny suit complete with rabbit ears. There are even adorable costumes for animals like pigs and elephants. Parents love animal Halloween costumes because they are super cute and will keep your little one warm and cozy from head to toe on a chilly October evening.

Food Costumes

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Food items usually aren’t the first things you think of when considering a Halloween costume, but when your baby is dressed up as a pea pod or a hot dog you will see why they have become so popular. Babies and toddlers are cute as can be when dressed up in these mini costumes. Other popular food costumes include Tootsie Rolls, ketchup, or a little silver Hershey’s kiss. 

Character Costumes

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Does your toddler enjoy Elmo, Winnie the Pooh, or Kermit the Frog? If so, your child will absolutely love wearing a costume based on his favorite cartoon or television characters, and there are an abundance of choices available. Some of the more popular include a Tigger costume suit with a character headpiece or a plush Cookie Monster costume that closely resembles the furry monster.

Most baby and toddler costumes are made to come on and off easily, and even contain handy zippers and buttons that make diaper changes a breeze. The best place to find the baby and toddler Halloween costumes are online. With the widest selection available, you won’t have a problem finding a costume for your little one. Instead, you may find it difficult to choose from the countless adorable little costumes available!

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Boys Halloween Costumes 

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Halloween is one of the most exciting holidays for children. If you have a little boy, you want to make sure you get him a costume that he will really enjoy. With the variety of boy’s Halloween costumes for sale, you are sure to find something that he can’t wait to wear.

Star Wars Costumes

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Star Wars is always a hit among the boys. Your son may want a Star Wars Darth Vader Deluxe Child Costume, complete with the black jumpsuit, cape, and heavy duty plastic mask. Make sure you get him a light saber to give him the complete Darth Vader look.

If your son would rather be a hero than a villain, he will like the Star Wars Luke Skywalker Child Costume. This costume comes with Luke’s beige tunic, beige pants, boot covers, and a belt. Like Darth, you want to make sure to add a light saber to this costume. You simply can’t have a Star Wars character without the light saber!

If your son is a movie buff, he will love the Transformers Optimus Prime Deluxe Child Costume.  This costume really looks like a Transformer. It features a red, black, and blue jumpsuit with 3-D armor pieces that stick on and give the costume a life-like look. It also includes a matching helmet. The 3-D pieces make this costume one of the most realistic looking Transformers costumes available.

Firefighter Costume

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Firefighters are always popular with the boys. Let your son dress up as an everyday hero by getting him a Jr. Fire Fighter Suit Tan Child Costume. The costume is replicated from a real fireman’s uniform and features a tan jacket and tan pants lined with yellow reflective trim. The pants come with electric straps for a secure fit. A black hat is included with the ensemble to give your little man the complete firefighter look.

Zombie Hunter Costume

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Zombies are all the rage these days, and one of the more popular boy's costumes is the Zombie Hunter Child Costume. This costume comes with a shirt with a zombie logo, a blood-stained jacket, hat, bullet belt, and axe with a severed zombie head. If your son wants to make this costume even more gruesome and authentic, add some face paint to mimic the zombie blood.

These are just a few of the many Halloween costumes for boys available. Whether your boy is interested in movie villains, heroes, or gruesome characters, there are plenty of Halloween costumes available.

Captain America Halloween Costumes | Best Halloween Costumes

Captain America: The First Avenger” was one of the summer’s leading blockbusters. If you want to wear a costume that is sure to be a hit, dress for superhero success in a Captain America Halloween costume.

Lovers of the original iconic Captain America look won’t be disappointed with the selection of authentic Halloween costumes this season. The Captain America muscle suit stays true to the comic book portrayal of this superhero. With an American flag theme, the red, white, and blue suit comes with padding to give an extra muscular look. If you choose to go with this costume, be sure to include the Captain America mask which comes with most bodysuit costumes. The Captain America look is completed when this costume is paired with some red socks and shoes and the Captain America shield. This muscle suit comes in both adult and children sizes.

If you are a fan of the 2011 hit movie, you may have noticed that Captain America’s movie costume differs a bit from the original comic book character. In trying to keep with the movie’s World War II-era setting, this costume is a darker shade of blue and contains less of the spandex found in the traditional costume, although it still contains the classic letter A headpiece, star on the chest, and shield. These movie-style costumes are new for the 2011 Halloween season and are sure to be a big hit.

Just because it is a superhero movie, doesn’t mean there isn’t something for the ladies. Women and girls can join in the Captain America fun by donning the female version of the Captain America costume. The ladies costume won’t be a muscle bodysuit, but it will feature the same American flag motif with a blue top and skirt accentuated by a red and white striped midriff. Red boots, red gloves, the classic shield, and a silver face mask complete the look. The adult version is a sassy take on Captain America, while the children’s version is a bit milder and a fun way for girls to take part in the superhero craze.

Whether you want to look like the classic comic book character or dress like the movie superhero, you will have plenty of options when shopping for your Captain America Halloween costume. Be sure to look online as you will be able to find the biggest selection at the best possible prices.

Funny Halloween Costumes 

Best Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is all about fun and so are funny Halloween costumes. What’s more fun than dressing up, going to a party and pretending to be someone else for a night? 

Sure, a lot of this dressing up is about being scary and terrifying. That’s a part of the Halloween tradition. But there’s another part of that tradition that sometimes gets forgotten and that’s the funny side. 

Sure, Halloween is all about tricks, but it’s also about the treats. Funny Halloween costumes are a great way to celebrate the sweeter side of Halloween.

When it comes to funny Halloween costumes, the first thing to think about is fun! After all, you’re dressing up in costume so that others can see you. 

So, keep in mind that you’re trying to make them laugh. Think of a clever phrase, something or someone that’s been in the news, and you’re already halfway there. 

The idea is that your costume brings that Halloween spirit of fun to life.

It’s important to remember that any Halloween costume needs to be comfortable and safe. 

When coming up with concepts for funny Halloween costumes keep this in mind. 

Also remember that comfort and safety not only applies to you, it applies to those around you, as well. 

Is those sharp points, makeup or costume size good for you and good for your fellow party-goers? 

When in doubt, err on the side of caution. 

Funny Halloween costumes are not funny when they injure you or someone else. Like they say, it’s all a good time until someone gets hurt.

Funny Halloween costumes don’t have to be homemade either. Many professional costume retailers carry a wide assortment of funny, topical costumes for your Halloween enjoyment. Do yourself a favor and see what’s available online before you commit to all the work of putting together a costume yourself. You’ll be glad you did.

Girls Halloween Costumes | Best Halloween Costumes

There is never a better time to celebrate Halloween than when you are a child. Choosing a costume and dressing up is a big deal to most children, so it is important that you help your little girl find the best costume. If you and your child are short on ideas, consider some of these popular girl’s Halloween costumes.

Princess Costumes

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It is every little girl’s dream to be a princess. Give your daughter the opportunity to fulfill that dream for just one night by getting her a princess Halloween costume. The Cinderella Classic Child Costume 

is very popular and is an excellent replication of Cinderella’s ball gown in the movie. This costume comes with a blue and white dress, headpiece and a choker. With the Cinderella costume, your child will certainly be the belle of the ball.

If Cinderella isn’t your child’s style, how about a Butterfly Princess Child Costume? This costume comes with a purple dress with sheer sleeves, purple wings, and a silver glitter tiara.
 A princess wand and shoes sold separately will complete the magical look. Your daughter will truly feel like a princess when she wears the Butterfly Princess costume.

Cowgirl Costumes

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If your little girl is past the princess stage, she may want to wear a cowgirl outfit instead. There are a number of cowgirl costumes for sale, but most include the classic checkered shirt with a skirt and matching vest. A cowboy hat and some cowboy boots complete the look.

Cheerleader Costumes

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Many girls will also have fun dressing as a cheerleader for Halloween. If you don’t have an old cheer uniform lying around the house, look for a Junior Cheerleader Toddler/Child Costume. A short skirt, uniform shirt, and pom poms can transform any girl into the leading cheerleader. With pigtails and a little face paint, your cheerleader will be a hit this Halloween.

One of the best things about girls Halloween costumes is that they will be used far more often than the trick or treating night. With a cool costume, you will find your child using her imagination and play dress up year round.

Green Lantern Halloween Costumes | Best Halloween Costumes

Show off your superhero might this Halloween with a Green Lantern Halloween costume. Whether you want to be a superhero protecting justice and order, or the sinister villain-thwarting everyone’s plans, Green Lantern is the superhero movie that fits the bill. Show your superhero might or evil powers by dressing up as one of these hit characters.

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Mighty superhero Hal Jordan will be a huge hit this Halloween season. As a protector of peace, Hal Jordan was one of the best known Green Lantern fighters. The most popular Deluxe Hal Jordan Plus Adult Costume will be a green bodysuit with a muscle chest, face mask, green boot tops, and a light-up ring. Some suits will also contain a light-up logo on the chest. The look can be completed with accessories such as green gloves, boots, or the Green Lantern sword. This costume comes in both adult and children’s sizes.

Female Green Lantern Halloween Costume

The ladies can get in on the superhero action by dressing as a sexy female Green Lantern. The female green bodysuit will be more form fitting and will give a feminine twist to the muscular male version. The Secret Wishes – Green Lantern Adult Costume suit proves that it is definitely possible to be a sexy superhero.

Sinestro Halloween Costume

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Would you prefer to go with a sinister rather than superhero look? There are a variety of masks that can help you dress the evil part. Consider the villain Sinestro, who is the nemesis of the Lantern corp. The Sinestro mask has a reddish face with a large scar down the side, closely mimicking the character’s look in the movie.

Hector Hammond Halloween Costume

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The conniving evil character Hector Hammond will be hard to mistake this Halloween season. His bulbous, veiny forehead, mustache, and stringy hair can be created via a Hector Hammond Overhead Mask or Hector Hammond makeup kit with accessories that allow you to recreate his look.

Tomar and Kilowog Halloween Costumes

If you don’t want to dress up as a villain yet still want to look a bit scary, you can dress as Tomar or Kilowog, the Green Lantern Corp associates. When combined with the Green Lantern jumpsuits, these full head masks will make you almost indistinguishable from the 2011 movie characters. Tomar’s mask features his scaly mohawk, wrinkled bill, and piercing eyes, while Kilowog’s look features his telltale wrinkly brown face and neck. Both of these looks will let you be the bad-looking good guy.

Green Lantern Halloween costumes are sure to be a hit because there are a number of character types from which to choose. Whether you want to be the good guy, the evil villain, or the sexy superhero, the Green Lantern costumes have something for everyone.

Last Minute Halloween Costumes 

Best Halloween Costume Ideas

We’ve all been there. It’s the day before Halloween, and you still don’t have a costume. Maybe, at the last minute, you decided to attend that party. Or maybe, you got a last minute invitation. Or maybe, like me, you’re just a chronic procrastinator. The why doesn’t matter. What matters is that Halloween is just around the corner and you need a costume like yesterday. That’s where last minute Halloween costumes come in to save your bacon and the day.

Contrary to popular opinion, last minute Halloween costumes do not have to be lame. In fact, some of the best costumes at the party were likely to last minute ideas that were executed brilliantly. It’s not like some people start planning their Halloween costumes on November 2nd as soon as they recover from their Halloween night hangovers. (Well, yea, there are people like that, but they are way too perfect and the less said about them the better.) The difference between an awful costume and a good costume is not time or planning. The difference between an awful costume and a good costume is execution, style, and nerve. Panache, if you will.

The best last minute Halloween costumes make the most efficient use of the materials at hand. They succeed because they do not attempt to be what they are not. Face it, if it’s October 30th, you’re probably not going to successfully pull off a 17th-century French courtier with what’s laying around your apartment. However, you will be able to McGyver together a great last minute costume through creative use of what is laying around. Take stock of what you’ve got and proceed accordingly. Work in your given medium, like the genius you are, and those last minute Halloween costumes will be the ones that get the biggest laughs, as well as the biggest gasps, at your party of choice this year.

Sexy Halloween Costumes 

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Best Halloween Costume Ideas

What words come to mind when you think of Halloween? Spooky? Party? Pumpkin carving? What about sexy? For many people, Halloween is the one night where any fantasy can become reality. Nothing makes a fantasy become a reality quicker than sexy Halloween costumes. Sure you can dress up as a ghost, but why not have a little more fun? Sexy Halloween costumes can put a whole new meaning into “trick or treat”.

In a lot of ways, Halloween is about shaking things up, letting your hair down and being a little bit different, at least for one night. Really, it’s all about letting the real you out and letting other people see a side of you that they normally wouldn’t see. If that side is a little bit naughty, well so much the better. That’s what makes sexy Halloween costumes so much fun. They let you show that naughty side on the one night of the year when it’s good to be a little bad.

It’s really easy to come up with great ideas for sexy Halloween costumes. After all, a sexy costume is just a regular costume that’s…sexy! For example, a lot of people dress up vampires on Halloween. It’s a great costume idea. But, when you think about it, isn’t the whole concept of a vampire based, in some sense, on sex? Of course, it is! So take that vampire concept and run with it. If a vampire costume is good, a sexy vampire costume is great!

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The same thing holds true with any other costume idea. Sexy witch? Yes! Sexy fairy? Yes! Sexy nurse? Of course! Come on. It’s Halloween. The only limits to sexy Halloween costumes are your imagination and the local laws. So start thinking outside the box. Sexy Halloween costumes can make this Halloween one to remember.

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